Here in the Southwest of America (imagine cowboys running thru the desert plains) we have cool breeze of fall, and you can almost taste the chill.  It has been a beautiful day.   Having the honor to finger point on Saturday is quite a joy!  I am just blown away again and again!!! I am excited to share the glorious pages with you today!

Starting off with My Space by stampin_rachel. the colored in paper and arrangement go so perfectly, with her words.  Words I felt could have been typed about my own life.  The title with the brilliant stitch just caught my eye and I knew it would have to be featured!


I saw this page on ScrapStacks, and I am just really learning how to use it, so I went and searched it out in another gallery.   No Kissing by Lynnette Wilkens.  Look at the extraction of his adorable face!!! I mean, this face alone, with his eyebrows and half smile of NO, absolutely NO all over it is just the bomb.  Then the wildness of the geometric shapes! I am just flabberghasted, and wish I had thought of it first! hahah


Fall Colors by Scrappie Irene! No matter where you live right now, this page just exudes the feeling of fall.  I  could get lost in the blends of the background.  She masterfully brings in the paleness, and then the stark white frames are just so dynamic!  You get the whole feel of the time spent in this glorious place!


This page, @Home by Naadi,  made me want to take a closer look.  I am so glad I did.  Her brush work is something I just want to delve into.  I have been watching YOUtube videos of water color techniques and this page makes me want to experiment and try new things.  Her font work makes me all happy too.  Fonts are so fun, we can collect thousands, and find ourselves using the same 10.  She breaks the mold with her rockin title too!


If I could insert a sound right now, it would be me squealing with complete and utter delight at this page, Gratitude_07 by mugsbigsis.  I am doing the month of Gratitude for my first time on Facebook, but never thought to make a book about it.  This page has me so determined to do it.  A carmel apple, no, not just an ordinary carmel apple, but a gorgeous one with yumminess! I love her spirit, I am gonna have it and be grateful for it too! Woot to you and power on!Gratitude_07

I am a geek about learning, teaching and recording my kids getting both.  I saw this page African Dwarf Frogs by Karen and about swooned with delight at the pure intensity of fun happening on her counter! This is what life is all about!  This memory is forever caught by her photos and journaling on a page that exudes learning (and they don’t even realize it is happening).  Such a smart mom and lucky boys!



There ya go, the light is quickly disappearing here in my part of the world. Enjoy the pages and enjoy your memories, and

~never lose your joy

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