Hello there! Here we go again for some fabulous designs!

My Little Boy by zizazzi – What a way to start today’s picks!! Look at this totally sweet and creative page! I love the big portrait in words and the little photos in the squares with a mix of color and B&W photos. Have you noticed how the green patterns bits match perfectly the photos?! Awesome! I have read it and it is 150% pure mother/son love. Very touching and funny. Check the gallery for English!

Write by naughtsncrosses  – what a beautiful non-photo page we got here! I love the mix of flashy pink with the white and black. The big letters and the brush in the back, plus that cute and feminine touch with the lace. Could be a page in a magazine! Love it!

Everything is possible when we are together by dotcomkari – How fun and bright is that?! Love the colorful brushes that pop so well against the white background and all those messy words bits and hand writing WAs. Very cheering page indeed!

Artsy by cocodou – Wow!… is definitely the word for this page. I love the photo from the back… but you already knew that 😉 … The effect on the photo match perfectly the colors of the brush looking like a painter’s palette is awesome! Great piece of art!

Hello beautiful by mariah – On top of this darling photo, I love the mix of brushes, gesso and real leaves here. Great overall balance too! Beautiful autumn page!

Equator coffee by lizj – I love this page for the monotone theme in the back and the brush work. The bright turquoise touches are just perfect! Great shadowing! Makes me drool too! lol

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