Carrie here! Have you missed me? I was so happy looking for standouts today… so many wonderful pages to choose from, but I love that it is so hard to choose. That means ya’ll are rocking it. Let’s dive right into the picks:

Helene questions by stampin_rachel

The photos and their crops are amazing against the black background. The pops of pattern, color, and little bits that add emphasis for a strong focal point. I love the little snipped paper word art, too. Color and composition… nailed it.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    Helene questions by stampin_rachel


 The Greatest Adventure by Eszter

I’m going to give you a second to take this in………………………………………………….. Amazing, right? The softness and texture, the black ink spots… the lines that create a sense of movement. She didn’t just capture a truly special moment, she brought it life and filled it with hope. This may just be one of the neatest pages I’ve ever seen.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    The Greatest Adventure by Eszter


Creativity by staciahall

Stacia rocked that purple (a color that can really vex me). I love that she put her composition on that neat canvas paper. The neutral bits move us down the page while the string pushes us back up. This page just makes me want to play in Photoshop!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    Creativity by staciahall


The Best Present by anrobe

There’s something about all those layers on this creamy, smooth bit of kraft paper. I love that she’s taking the time to create about herself. Our stories matter, too. This page has a loose “Z” flow so that retro or vintage patterns are still fresh and young. I also adore all the little girly embellishments. Well done!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    The Best Present by anrobe


the road ahead by misslovescraps

Oh, what beautiful blending! She really takes you into the scene here. The placement of her elements frames the focus without being over powering. Lovely dimension, textures and use of color to suck you right into the page.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    the road ahead by misslovescraps


excuse me…. this porch light is off by MamaBee

This page just made me laugh out loud! I get it! What a festive, photoless page. The tilted paper stack with lots of elements pushes your eye right into the great title. I love the addition of the paper at the bottom with those cute pumpkins. Oh, how fun!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |      excuse me.... this porch light is off by MamaBee


Aw… done already? Now it’s time to leave these artists your congrats. 🙂 I’ll see you next week…. until then, keep making boo-tiful pages (yes, a Halloween pun).

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