Wild and Wonderful Thursday! I sit and go thru the gallery, while listening to the giggles of my boys on the Kindle! I love that sound! I get giggling at them.  One of my favorite type of pages are ones that make you laugh…don’t you ?

Iowan’s Fantastic Conner 2013 will make you burst into smiles and giggles! I love the eyeball paper, and that title and oh oh I am just seeing this..the hands reaching up are just so cool! This is one fun and fabulous page!Fangtastic_Connor_2013

I can’t fight the weather changing, the days getting shorter and sweaters being pulled out! Ania-maria’s Cozy Sweater & ETC is worthy to hang on a door and announce that Fall is here, and well…uhm Pumpkin EVERYThing! lol, I love the fun all over, but look at that leaf, and the shadow! Pure delightful!


Another part of the Fall season I love is Baseball, and AmberR’s Major Players pulls the whole spirit of the joy of going to a game! I love how she layers up the adventure of the park, and that ball comes right off the page in perfect HOMErun fashion!


I seriously cried.  I lost my little brother this year to cancer(hate hate hate cancer).  My brother fought it to the bitter end.  He was strong, watching my parents suffer thru his death and how they are still suffering. The scripture on this page has strengthened me.  I am touched by the artistic flair, using the chalkboard and the different alpha/fonts is just amazing. Thank you ouisiekelly’s for your heart on your page Nothing Worse. 


Then a page of pure wonder and what is all right in the world.  This little boys face is delightful, his eyes dance with mischief and adventure. I am in awe of the mixtures of b&w with the dynamic reds! That beatricemi journals about his struggles and happiness on the page Littlest is done with such a loving heart, it makes me want to cheer Jacob on!


Finally, a page that gives me fist pumping victory! I want to leave you with it, and thoughts to ponder…living without regrets, looking back! What a beautiful purpose! Aino’s  Right Track is artsy and still takes on strength and oh my gosh, I think that stem is real and I could touch it!


Bedtime for my giggling boys and I am close behind, but please

~never love your joy


2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 23rd

  1. Thanks so much for Finger Pointing my LO. I know I didn’t journal a lot, but I thought the feeling came through. My husband is chronically in pain and my heart just breaks when I see a man that ran every day for 20 years and now can barely take a few steps in a walker. But God is good and He will give us the Grace and the strength to keep going. Thanks again Anne.

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