Hi! Here I am again, this time slightly earlier than usual as I had a day full of doctors, so I am trying to make an earlier night, so I’ll try to be as brief as my latinity allows :)- There are some amazing pages in the galleries & I’m so pleased to be able to share with you all!

My first pick is by a lady I have been following for quiet a while (since late 2010) and whom I used to chat a bit more in the now extinct CatScrap- Who would have said that I will end up in teams with her, one of my most admired people all the whole industry, who is also admirable as a mother, friend, she is such a talented lady and I have seen her growing on art journal over the past couple of years …but I very very rarely come across her pages when I’m posting, so today my heart skipped a beat when I found this absolutely amazing page….which brings my most fav mantra of all: Thankfulness is one of the most beautiful feelings- as is this extremely beautiful creations of hers: I Thank- by hollyinjapan


Next page is by someone whom, I think, needs little introduction. Her artistic pages are always a stand out in the galleries, this particular one so beautiful and rich, love all the paints with the gesso texture, the image editing is gorgeous, and the smile in the little girls face brightens up the whole page… gorgeously beautiful bits of printed text and that flower crown… beautiful, strong and delicate page at the same time: She by LiLi (misslovescraps)


Last week we went into a shop with my daughter and could not understand why, oh, why, why do they put Christmas stuff so early? We haven’t had Halloween yet?!? But then I came across this page and my heart melted in the spirit of Christmas once again!!!! The lady in question is Helenne (buzinettescraps) a delightfully upbeat girl who always lifts my spirits, both with her pages and her beautiful ways…and in this page she brings one of my most favorite kits of all times….the kit that actually rescued me from my phobia of Christmas kits (after I scrapped 60 pages in less than two weeks in 2012…. I was ready to give them up LOL)  a kit made last year by one of my most dear, favorite people in the industry , Mirjam aka Pink Reptile Designs- The results are obvious: an elegant, happy, delicate but fun, perfectly layered, brilliantly shadowed… vraiment magnifique!!! 😉


And here is another super delightful page, by another much loved girl: One Cozy Kitty by Danica- aka weaselwatcher is joy:  little “boxes” of happiness in each piece of paper and that more than comfy kitty…. love her shadows, how she broke the very symmetrical square by gently offsetting the right side…..and how great those papers look all together!!!! The page may seem a bit empty (to the likes of me who wont stop until the page is completely buried in elements LOL) but there is so much and so beautiful here, one can see how wonderful her work is!!! Those stitches seal the deal to me….LOVE this page!!!!


I don’t think I know the scrapper of this next page, but I’m in LOVE with it!!!!!! LOVE love LOVE a full page and this one is right up my alley: Lots of text, precious composition, incredible shadows….and reading her journaling took me back some 15 years when I had my own lill wild toddler….an amazingly gorgeous page, beautiful memory record in the most amazing style! Today is Yours by msbamf2you


And to call it a night, I ll leave you with the joy, explosion of happiness that is Anne of Alamo- Her pages always provoke the most intense feelings- and I LOVE it when that humor of hers comes up in brilliant pages like this-After all, all of us mothers of teens ….we do know it can be quiet scary!!!! Hyper creative kit (gotta give it to Reneemarie, I NEED this kit now!!!!!) together with the brilliancy of Anne…it could only result in a stand up!!!!!! love that perspective so well used…everything in this page gives me so much joy-


Aren’t these ladies awesome? If you can spare a minute or two, you can click in the high-lit names or in the image to get to their original galleries- Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 24th-

  1. My dearest Cynthia! I miss chatting it up with you too! Thank you so much for choosing my page today. You made my day!

    1. woooooooooooooooot I laughed and laughed making the page and am so glad you found the humor and laughed too!!

      1. LOVE your pages…and there were so many yesterday to choose from….all of them giving amazing feeling to one’s heart…it wasn’t easy to choose! <3 HUgggzzz

    2. I was so happy to find it in the galleries….. absolute amazement!!!!! we should catch up very soon, I will have a lot more time after next week!!! Hugggzz

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