Hello, everyone! Carrie here. I’ve spent my day wearing a headset and listening to sounds, so getting to browse the galleries was a welcome and inspired distraction. Oh, the eye candy… It’s amazing… Now for some standouts:


Thankful For by azrood

This layout has a great split composition. It’s a great strategy for presenting a list and adding context. The kraft background sets off all the great colors and journaling. There’s great depth and texture in her clusters… and the yellow border at the bottom unifies the design.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


I Photograph Colors by RaeClevett

The colors pop off the white background. The photos are gorgeous… I love the saturated red leaves against the light green paper. That small script journaling font really matches the mood of this piece. The arrows add a subtle focus while the leaves move our eye. And that shadow on the the well positioned word art just makes me happy.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Thankful For by azrood


Dance With Me by oldvwblues

Absolutely show stopping. There’s so much energy with the use of saturated colors and strong lines. She’s used the natural shape of the face to move our eye through the journaling and the page… but first, that yellow between the eyes pulls us right in! So amazing.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Dance With Me by oldvwblues


Cozy Time by geek_girl

Another great white background… and great photo. If there is such a thing as crisp warmth, this page is that. It’s a loose composition, but the downward left to right diagonal flow gives it a solid foundation. And I love that it’s finished off with the red and blue flower. Simple, yet skillfully done.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | Cozy Time by geek_girl


Autumn by beckturn

I think I really like the firey red leaves… I really love the mix of warm neutrals the almost summery reds, pinks and oranges. The dark branch leads you right to the amazing photo. So much wonderful texture here that I want to touch the page. I love the damask (is that the right word?) pattern on the left… it really brings in a chic, but cozy feel to the page.

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 |    Autumn by beckturn


glamour girl by Tronesia

I just love the black, pink and golden palette. It’s perfect for the sassy photo. The “Z” flow gives the page the perfect amount of energy for the subject. I love the the flowers and the leaves along with the triangle pattern paper have an almost animal print. It really drives home the theme of the page. Great visual storytelling!

Finger Pointing- Oct 29 | glamour girl by Tronesia



It’s time for me to say goodnight and put my kitties to bed. I will see you next month. Have an awesome Halloween!!

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  1. Thank you so very much for including my page! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!!! V

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