It’s Carrie, and I have to thank our community for giving my eyes a big treat this evening… browsing the galleries helped me forget my cold and got me excited to scrap something. It was really hard narrowing down my favorites to just six pages, but I hope you enjoy what I’m presenting today.

9 months by mymalloryboys

I just love the photos on this page that are paired with the chalkboard papers and the wonky banner. The page is full of contrasts and tiny touches that break up the static block design. I wish my son’s baby book looked like this: Stunning simple, joyful, cohesive (you can see her other pages in her gallery), and, maybe most importantly, story rich.

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 | 9 months by mymalloryboys

hey you!  by alinalove

Another page that makes use of contrast. The pink, gold and navy are set off on the dark background. The three tags create a foundation for the photo, which is punctuated with the flair and flower. She uses the gold to pull us through the whole design to that great inkwell and then uses the doodle border to keep us in the page. And the shadowing… wow!

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 | hey you!  by alinalove

Documented Life: My Body by jenevang

Now for some hybrid awesomeness that makes me want to break out my neglected Smash Book. This tells a great visual story of transformation, which can be very messy (and usually is). That’s reinforced with the quote and words in the lady’s hair. I love the that she’s sneaked in some green amid the warm palette. This ultimately is a powerful art journaling spread. (and now I want to see the rest!)

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 | Documented Life: My Body by jenevang

The wood of forts by myla

This page really captures the feeling of an Indian Summer. At first I was just in awe of the brush work, but then I realized that colors of the photo are almost a rainbow… or maybe Indian Corn colors. I can’t put my finger on it, but what I do know is that I love the effect. To top it off, there are tiny details that give this page polish- like the staples. I’m putting this on my to-lift list.

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 | The wood of forts by myla

Photobomb by lbrtychic

This page made me laugh! It’s such a great photo and she used the perfect composition: It’s like we are looking through the camera lens taking the photo ourselves. I think the stack of photos is reinforces the whole photo-taking theme. The soft colors mixed with the black splatters and red bursts add great contrast and depth to the page. This is so wonderfully fun!

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 |  Photobomb by lbrtychic

she is an inspiration by misslovescraps

I love the colors and hand drawn bits of this page… but give this page a good look because there’s so much to see! It took me a minute to see that the girl is looking up at the constellations. The feathers remind me of shooting stars and really strengthen the dreamy feel. I love the addition of yellow, textured paint and the kraft word art. They really take the page to awesome place.

Finger Pointing September 19. 2014 | she is an inspiration by misslovescraps

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Have a great weekend, my friends!!



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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out today, Carrie! I am so very honored to be among this awesome group of scrappers. This has made my day 🙂

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