Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!
Let me embellish your weekend with these amazing works of art that I found in the galleries out ther.

flowers by Happy Mama

The combination of colors in this page is SO beautiful! As is the combination of patterns. I love the bold flowers in the background combined with the smaller flowers in the dark colored paper strip under that stunning photo! And how about that delicate embellishing! Such a pretty page!


Capturing: yesterday and always by ConnyS

Talk about pretty pages! WOW! Those photos immediately caught my eye, which I am sure will not surprise you one teeny bit. A beautiful stack of elements really makes them stand out and the colors and brushes give this layout a wonderful romantic boho feel that I absolutely adore! Stunning!


Strenght Tester by Sokee

I love the crispness of this layout and the playful design of slightly angled frames, swirly piece of yarn and the seemingly careless placement of elements. The bold green goes so well with the pink and red and really makes the photos stand out. The story behind the page put a big smile on my face! I just love to see the everyday things in pages!


2 moody teenagers by swastinadia

Another layout that made me smile. So funny the way these 2 moody teenagers are scrapped in kind of a comic book style with the text bubbles, word strips and other knick knacks. Did you notice that bomb at the bottom of the page?! Whahaha! Pure genius! I also love the beautiful background blend that adds great dimension and forms a whole other layer to look at!


Enjoy the snow by Hanazana

This page has such great sense of depth because of the stunning shadows. I am blown away  by the design, the clever placement of the pink flowers that make sure that photo get’s your attention all be it ever so subtle. Mesmerizingly beautiful layout!!


Reading by Joshgirl

The angled book shelf elements and photo are probably why Rebecca Bloomwood [main character of the book confessions of a shopaholic] looks a little panicky. She must be worried they will all fall down and I think that is just the cutest twist! I love seeing a little humor in pages in case you didn’t already know that. I am also in awe with how beautifully balanced this page is. Very well done!


And again I find myself at the end of my list of pages to show you. I hope you like my picks. If so be a sport and leave a little love with the artists okay?
See you nex time!

5 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – January 25

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my page Mirjam! I’m honored to be featured here with such beautiful pages. 🙂

    (Happy Mama)

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