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It’s finally summer vacation in my side of the world and my kids are having fun because their grandparents are here for a month of fun with them. I hope you guys are enjoying the weather whenever you are. It’s starting to get hotter here and we can’t wait to dip in the pool. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous standouts. Enjoy my top 6 for today. Hope you like it!

Remembered by immaculeah
Such a priceless photo, something to treasure and remember. I just love the photo processing here and how she arranged everything, the simplicity of the page really brings the beauty of it. Amazing vintage look, the shadows are perfect and the font she used. If I could remember this is Jane Austen, one of my faves.

Facetime by Blackkathy
Feel in love with the page, the moment I saw in in the gallery, I was mesmerized with her photos. The photos are so beautiful, love the softness, photo treatment and photo angle. Love the title work and the paper she used on the letter F and the sweet journaling. Love the stack of papers on the right and bits of elements and mesh brushes.

My art by 2worldswings
This is just amazing in every way. Love how she showcase her art, truly an artist. The composition and how she arranged everything is perfect, love the stitches on the right side and the texture on the paper.

My Mother’s day by Ester
Beautiful white clean design. Love all the circles and the touches of colors. Such a sweet day to remember, love what is written on the shirt. I am sure she had a blast celebrating Mother’s day.

Summer colours by Wombat146
I couldn’t resist not to include this fabulous page on my top 6. You all will surely agree, right? I just love all the splats, paints and all the sweet colors of summer. The photo is equally gorgeous as the page.

Me summer 2015
Fantastic composition here, fell in love with title works. I hope she could spend as much time as possible in the beach, I would love that too. Love the choices of elements and how she lays all the photos, looks like lots of fun. Love the word arts she used.

Thanks as always for taking a peek at the pages I’ve picked for today. I would greatly appreciate if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


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