Hello lovely people! It’s Carrie here and I’m having a love hate relationship with spring: Love the greenery, hate the pollen. I’m itchy, my nose and eyes are running constantly and I’m trying hard not sneeze all over my laptop! It’s hard to scrap or blog when you’re sneezing so much. Also, I’m medicated…but there’s only so much that can be done when you’re severely allergic to the planet Earth.  That Mars colony sounds pretty appealing right now. Instead, I’ll have to settle for distracting myself with inspiration. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Bloom Project Life Spread by azzari

I love the editorial feel of this project life style page. She’s mixed soft and bold colors, soft and bold typefaces with dramatic pops of texture and amazing images and photos. The result is a page that looks like it could have been taken from a magazine and just begs for your attention. And of course, it may look simple and effortless, but those are the hardest pages to pull off because it’s all about getting the balance right… and she did it expertly.


Darndest Things by jessicalynn01

Firstly, I LOVE all that journaling! Like the story, this page is packed with a gregarious, fun personality that’s achieved by contrasting textures (smooth and rough), contrasting color (black and white) and punchy primary colors. The cutesy embellishments keep this young, whimsical and combined with the movement of the background paper, extremely energetic! I hope this kiddo never loses his artful storytelling. 🙂 (good job mama!)


Full of delight by Arumrose 

I love the use of the border and cluster at the top and all the white space! Your eye moves effortlessly to the great focal point photo. It’s also a great example of how you can add feminine touches to a page about a boy and not have it feel overtly girly, soft and loving, yes. Girly, no. She’s given the photo a hug by layering the word on top and under it and used the embellishment to snuggle it all up. It’s an awesome visual story that supports the journaling on the page.


simple by Dalis

I just adore the black and white photo against the wood grain background. She really thought about alignment here. Notice the diagonal stripes on the top right paper block point into the photo? Thoughtful placement like that really makes a difference. The same can be said for the placement of the scatter and use of the journaling block. She’s used the Golden Ratio to present us with a solid design! And the word art breaking the borders adds that extra interest. Well done!


Punctuation by dvhoward

LOL! YES! I love this pair of sentences for teaching grammar… and she’s paired it with the right color and pattern and made good use of her blending skills for a vintage or old-timey feel. The butterflies work well here. Why? Because butterflies represent transformation and that’s exactly what this all about: transforming meaning with the use of a comma. And that comma is highlighted with the red… also, she’s played on the eating grandpa idea with the read splatter, which kinda looks like, um, blood. Such a clever way to scrap the subject!


my magnificent scooter by myla

I love how she’s played on the complimentary colors in the photos. Instead of pink, she’s pulled out the red and black to lead your eye around the page. The blue is merely hinted at with the background paper. I also love the big, wonky “T” paired with the scooter stamps. She’s also positioned her photos so the subjects faces lead you into the photos, with help from the colors and stamps. She’s finished off the page with stitching and staples for a polished look.


Great pages, everyone! I hope you have enjoyed my picks… until next time… have a scraptastic week!


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- April 13th

  1. Thank you for choosing my layout as an inspiration for a boyish page. I’m really glad you liked it.
    Thank you for all the inspiration provided each day by your great selection

  2. Carrie,
    Thanks a million for choosing my page, I am honored to be sharing the spotlight with some friends!

    — Dalis

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