Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and starting the weekend in a relaxing note 🙂  So here I am again to share with you some of the gorgeousness from the galleries! We are on the process of clearing up some of the horrendous hoarding my daughter & I indulge so much on, so have not been online much all day, but have found some amazing pages to share with you, lets go straight into it! 🙂

Embracing Happiness by bcgal00: so much said with this image, fabulous blend, colors that bring happiness and beautifully crowned by the definition in wonderful fonts!!


A Mother by EllenT : no secret, right? I love everything she does and I haven’t shared any pages of hers in the past few posts, so this is just one of the wonderful pages she has posted today, and I decided to choose this one as it has a bit of herself , such a marvelous memory keep with this awesome photo of hers some years ago with her baby son (which we know is now a grown man!) Amazing, perfect composition, great take on the template, love how she combined all the different patterns, wonderful choices and, of course, impeccable shadows!!!!


EBMD by caliten: This is an impressive page…it caught my attention and I went to read the journaling which is the perfect memory keep, detailing the ordeal- I know how hard it could be to have to deal to misdiagnosed stuff or even needing to go from one hospital to another , so here is all my best wishes to you guys… the good thing about it is that a worrying, stressing time can be made into a beautiful page that will be hopefully just a chapter of life, gone and archived. Love how intense the photo is, the vertical composition with just very very few elements added so the focus is on the story- perfect page  🙂


2015: Our Song by bestcee: Love this type of page, with the writing book as the centre piece, with such a delightful photo of them, amazingly beautiful capture with those smiles that seems to be in sync with the musical notes elements and make the sound track of the page! Love the layered border under the book, all the bits & pieces she added cleverly located, and though my sight isn’t all great to read it, I can very well have a guess and rounds the page into a jewel 🙂

SwL_ArtsyJournalTemplates; Laura Banasiak I made you a Mix Tape

Easy as 123 by Stacia hall: Another one of those prolific ladies one can fall in love with her pages. This is amazing from everywhere I look at it! her taking classes or doing some art work {and what an amazing art work it is!!!) the colors, those beautiful shadows…those stars give an extra dreamy touch to the page, everything in this page is wonderful!


and to day goodnight and great dreams, I will leave you with another piece of art work made actually with the same collection as above, Dream in Colour Hanging Hearts by Livelys, another lady who always shines in these galleries with her hybrid projects- Love the simplicity of this but at the same time so amazingly great and inspiring, I’m thinking doing a kind of dream-catcher putting some of these together would be something nice that my daughter will also enjoy! Amazing work!


Hope you all have a great evening /morning/afternoon wherever you are, have a great weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- April 24th-

  1. Wow! Gorgeous picks Cynthia! I love the hybrid hearts!! Just bought the kit 😉 couldn’t resist it! Congrats to all the artists!

    1. thanks Jeanine!!!! couldn’t leave it out either!!!! I am thinking making some stuff for Sarita’s bedroom <3

  2. Thanks for choosing my page! His treatment involves lots of different eye drops and gels; I should probably document that aspect too.

  3. I’m just now seeing this!! Beautiful pages ladies. And Cynthia, lol you make me feel like Michelangelo! Thank you!

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