Hello and good evening – maybe I should say morning as it is now exactly 03:00 am here in London!!!!! I can’t believe I just typed August 28th….. the month is ending, I will be 57 years old in less than a week…and even though some life events aren’t the greatest at the moment (my daughter is still fighting complications of an operation she had last January!) more & more I see we are surrounded of amazing people, we have so much support both practical & emotionally…so I keep pushing for the next day to be better than the previous one…and here I am after a few hours of being wowed by the awesomeness of your talents in the galleries!!!!! I know I keep saying this, but 6 pages is way toooo little!!! my heart torn apart as I would have wanted you to see much more than these, but I reckon these will be an amazing inspiration for everyone!!! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO & author, they certainly deserve all the praise they can get!

Splash by Jana NJ is, literally, talent poured into the page- The water effect is so amazing, the attention she has paid to blend the photo sequence, the talent in the composition, and those incredibly beautiful diamond shapes which bring light into the page. This is the combination of memory keeping with art skills brought to a high level…and the result is so much delight to the heart!!!!!!


The End by MelanieB is another jewel. I’m not particularly a Hunger Games fan, I watched the first movie and decided I have enough suffering in our daily lives to watch in the screen, but this is one of those pages that makes you wish that you at least own that book, so beautifully presented it is, and when you read the journaling  and feel what the ritual of chapter reading is.. The photography is impeccable, perfect light, beautiful in black & white and the whole thing is so elegant, crowned with shadows that are perfection…. delightful all over!


#School by motherbear is another perfection…. love Julie’s amazing layering, how the photo pops to the eye with her gorgeous framing of it with those cute elements, love that she didn;t exactly centered the composition, and the perfect shadows, all with so much color and still so perfectly tidy! Awesome page!


Most of you know I don’t do the Project Life but there are times when I find these awesome, super talented ladies who make me wish I did!!!!! These two pages are so superb each of them, that I spent a considerable amount of time trying to choose but couldn’t, so here are them both: 2014 : Week 36 Right by scrapandsass: what can I say? genius photo cropping, wonderful movement and fun given with her ideas that break the lines, the fab mixing of black & white with colors in perfect balance, fun everywhere, beauty in every little bit of the page!!!!!


and the next one, from another amazingly talented lady: Week -34 – 2015- Left by Nancy Beck is perfection, elegance, everything is so beautiful! Love her photography always, and in here, each of the images has a reflection that captures the eye, love that cake (another 13 candles and I can have it next week LOL) I love how her photography speaks and she built the page around them with such beautiful cards, those very few elements are perfectly shadowed…a standout indeed!!!


Last but not least, I found this beautiful page, Captured by KBlack– and what a capture ! Love the photos, the big one is a seamless blend, giving such a delicate feel, and the expression in the smaller photo is perfect too… love the mixture of textures with the word art/stamps and more corporeal elements there are quiet a few details here that are so well done…I’m in love with this page!!!!!


With this I’ll say goodnight, thanks so much everyone fir sharing all your beauties with us, have an amazing weekend!!!

9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 28th-

    1. oh you are most welcome!!!! It was the last page I found when I had already some 40 something tabs opened….but as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be in the post!!!!! amazing page!!!! you girl (assuming she is yours) is beautiful, your photography incredible and the work in your page outstanding…!!!! I would print and frame and fame it go on the wall!!!!

    1. thanks my lovely 🙂 love your posts always, just sometimes time and health don’t let me comment back most of the time 🙂

    1. I knew I had to feature this when I picked it go in the Froggy Favorites at the Pad…. every page of yours is full of talent, enotion, and I could pick them all!!!!! So glad you are sharing with us at The Lilypad too!!!!!!! <3

  1. You have my heart, Cynthia!!! Thank you SO MUCH for choosing my layout & for your kind words!!! This was such a delightful surprise!

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