It’s been a beautiful, sunny day here and I’ve been spending it helping my husband stain our deck.  It’s hard on the back so after a while, I excused myself and came inside to spend some downtime browsing the galleries.  I fell in love with so many pages today and it made me sad to have to cut the list down to six.  But, it must be done!  So here are my six.  Hope you love them as much as I do and, if you do, please visit the galleries and leave them some love.  The page names and the images are linked to the galleries so all you have to do is click one or the other – how easy is that!

blingmeister by lingovise.  I have to admit that I LOVE pages with dark backgrounds because colors on a dark background just pop.  What an mazing cluster with that cute photo at the center.  The stars are really cool and so is that playing card tucked in – an A(ce), no less.  I love how it’s all set off by the white scribble underneath.  And the grungy borders add to the overall feel of the page.  LPLaRS_lg

sleepyheads2009 by wimpychompers.  I love the look of this page.  I am in awe of scrappers who can use banners in a way that looks natural and beautiful on the page.  wimpychompers has achieved that on this page.  The scalloped borders keep our eyes focused on the center of the page where the flower clusters lead them to the photos (love the angles on them), then to the journaling, and then end up at the title.  Perfect!  The colors are beautiful and really flatter the B&W photos!


My heart in your hand by lizziet5.  This page grabbed me in the thumbnails of the gallery and I really loved it when I saw it in a larger size in the gallery.  The color scheme is so soothing and I love the plain, rectangular photo with no frame!  The ribbon cluster and the dotted circles ground the photo.  Love the placement of the title and the journaling.  Beautiful page!


positive vibes by Donna Goar.  When I saw this page, I just smiled!  I love the softness of it.  The colors are gorgeous and the brush work is amazing.  And the message in the quote is perfect.  When I saw that Donna was going to make a notecard out of it, I thought, and who wouldn’t LOVE to get that notecard!  I think it would be a perfect canvas also.  Another amazing piece of art by an amazing artist.


break by zwyck.  There are a lot of “back to school” pages in the gallery but this one grabbed my attention with the beautiful blending.  I love the feeling envoked by that photo … haven’t we all felt like that at times!  The placement of the title cluster (with the cute giraffe) is perfect and draws attention right to the photo.


meeting mickey by roxanamdm.  What an absolutely perfect “meeting mickey” page.  The angle of the papers and photos instantly draws you in and the banner and star cluster lead right to the photos.  Love the repetition of the yellow, black and red in the photos, elements, and title.  And that arrow pointing to the large photo is just too cute.


Hope you’ve been inspired by the pages I’ve chosen today.  It’s just so amazing the number of deserving pages there are out there in the galleries.  Do yourself a favor, grab a little refreshment, and have a relaxing and inspiring time browsing the galleries.  And, while you’re there, don’t forget to leave a comment now and then.  Everyone loves to hear that people are enjoying their art.

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