Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s super gorgeous Standouts! It’s been right about a month since my last post and I have to say it was really nice being in the galleries again! It felt good to pour over all the stellar art, and boy did I end up with some real beauties for you! Get ready for inspiration overloadddd!

First off is this STUNNNNER by Zwyck titled Serenity. Honestly, I have no words for this. Zero. None. I mean, truly, no words could do it justice. Just have a look and you’ll see exactly what I mean!


This next Standout titled Five Things by KateChristensen is nothing short of simplistic perfection! PERFECTION! I LOVE the super clean feel, the muted palette with the subtle pops of color in the journaling tabs, and how the LO artist has so perfectly placed each element so that they keep your attention solely on that lovely image! Really love this!

Five Things

I really adore the linear feel in this beauty by Norton94 titled A Tribute to You. The design is absolutely spectacular with all the blocks. And how stinking clever is the LO artist to include a QR Code?! Oh, and that muted palette … GORRRRGEOUS!

A Tribute to You

I think I’ve got something for “blocks,” tonight because not only do I super big fat HUGE love them in the layout above, but I super big fat HUGE love them in this beauty titled Outdoors Together by JennMcCabe. I think what I love most about all the “blocks” is how they so perfectly allow the LO artist the ability to marry all those different colors, the different patterns, and everything else in such a wonderful way! Love the spray of paint and/or ink beneath it all, too! Adds just the right touch!

Outdoors Together

Next up is this adorable layout by Kcvance titled She is too Fond of Books. When I came across this lovely work of art first thing I thought of was my daughter, Brekken.  “She (too) is too fond of books and it has turned her brain!” Soooo happy that as a mother I was able to gift that to her (I grew her up in a library, her brother and sister too). What an absolutely fabulous way to document this!

She is too Fond of Books

Rounding out my choices this evening is from one of our own, Ljutila titled Tessie’s smiles. I really LOVE the design here, all the layering and stacking. The movement created by the background paper and the framing of those adorable images with all the other elements continuously draws your eye back to the star of this work of art, the little darling in those wonderful images! The color palette really rawks, too!

Tessie's Smiles

Well, friends … that’s it for me this week! Looking forward to seeing you all in the galleries next week! XO

P.S. Here’s a “bonus” layout for you all by Mimisgirl titled October 2008 Memories because, well … who can pass up all those cRaZy ADORABLE images!

October 2008 Memories

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  1. Katherine, thank you so much for this! So many great choices today, I love all your picks. Thanks for including my page, made my day!

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