I got to take a bonus walk through the galleries tonight, to give my friend Cynthia a little assist. I think she would agree that there were some very special pages on display today. I feel very honored to be able to showcase a few here. I know I say this often, but the talent on display in the scrapbooking and craft world is so mind-boggling! I am just grateful to be a part of the joy in sharing your talent.

This is Liz, and these are my picks:

PJ day by beatricemi

The bright, sunshiny papers on this are competing a little with the bright, sunshiny smile on this little guy’s face! I just loved the happy feel of this page. It’s a very effective design, with the repetition of small squares from the photos to the patterned papers. But it’s that adorable smile that keeps our attention. Cute title work on top of the bigger photo, and very well placed elements.


Ready set go by jenem

The great framing on this page made me look closer. I love the shadow work, the extended photo across the frames, the journal card with the checked list and the surprising story. Great use of repetition in the circles, which made a nice foundation.


magic field by evadraga

I was fascinated that this page started with a photo. Such great texture and watercolor! A really lovely effect, that could be framed and hung in the front hallway. Really wonderful artwork here.


Pont Du Hoc by docsheila1

Although this poster claims this is a blatant lift, I really felt the page stood on its own. We all take ideas from other sources, whether that’s magazine ads, or Pinterest, or bus stop placards, or other scrapper’s pages, it is a sincere form of flattery. She deserves credit for making this page her own, with the cool framing, the bold, black and red, and the wonderful photo.


Big love by gianedesigns

That’s a big, bold background she used here, and it totally worked! Love all those pops of color in the word art and elements, and the tile title over the photo is a nice touch. Nice use of the doilies for that rule of thirds to lead us from one place on the page to another. Plus, it’s a love story! Nothing sweeter.


Beautiful you… by myssp

This page has great elements, colors, word art and framing. The cropping of the photos really spoke to me. Such a delicate, feminine page, love all the lacy bits and the horizontal line with the bow grounding the mix. Just beautiful!


I hope you love today’s picks as much as I do! If you do, please click on the title link and leave a little love for the artist. It’s so nice to get that recognition, isn’t it? Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Finger pointing — August 7th

  1. Thank you, Thank you, what a sweet and lovely surprise to be here, all the pages are always just gorgeous ~ Thanks again, Rachael 🙂

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