Hello!!! hope everyone is doing well! Approaching mid month and I honestly can’t believe 2015 is finishing…things around here have been, to put it lightly, stressful, so in one way I’m almost glad the year is ending… lets hope the season brings better, more peaceful times around the globe. To make one’s heart happier, the galleries are so full of talent, I have some gorgeous pages to share with you! Hope you find them as inspiring as I do!!!

I’m delighted tonight to be able to post earlier, and my browsing started on a high note with My Teenage Dreams by Saar. Love the explosion of color, the mixture of textures, the amazing layering and shadows….as if these all were not enough, the journaling is beautiful,all over perfection!!!


Next is a lady we all (or almost all!) know & love, someone whom, I reckon, should be given a stand out as mother of the decade at least. She is also hugely talented and her pages go beyond the visual beauty…they have the passion for life, pieces of her family life, and this one in particular is a rare: the whole family together in one photo. I know how happy and delighted she is about this photo shoot, and I am so very happy to find the page tonight. An elegant introduction to the gorgeous beauty inside, the full page photo is amazing beyond words. Love the simplicity and still she managed to put her touch with that cluster full of bits & pieces, and those beads/scatter on the top shine together with the family smiles….   Cover of 2015 Book by Anne of Alamo.


Planners: the talk of the moment. I have to admit I have also fallen into the frenzy, and even though I have very little to plan I’m using pieces of planners for digital LOs, some in my hand written journal, and have even dug out my old (very old!!) Filofax. Now finding this beauty, Fresh Start by sucali, makes me want to make a planner right now!!!! Love the paper clips, the round dividers/tags …everything here is gorgeous!!!!


I would need a whole blog post to tell you how much I admire this next lady, and every page of hers makes me love her a bit more. This Memory by JenEm tugged a bit at the string of my heart…visually she always is accomplished in every possible way, and I have seen her growing in her journaling for the past few years….this page has all that talent: a wonderful composition, amazing choices of elements, incredibly beautiful layering , perfection in shadows….and an emotional journaling with an open letter to her mum….. perfection. I think that is the word. Most definitely.


I also found a marvelous Art Journal page tonight: Soul Journey by Songbirdy is such a powerful image! The collage feeling, the strong bold colors, this is something I would love to have hanging on my walls… beautiful, perfect once again!


To finish tonight’s post and my day in the best possible way, the last one is actually two: a double pager by another super talented girl: London, left & right pages by Elysah. Love how the circles give the feeling of motion and how they continue onto the next page with the texture, the blending and gorgeous photos….more words would be superfluos. Here is the London- left page.


London Right Page


I am so delighted with these pages!!!!! I really hope you love them as much as I do. If so, clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and the author will take you to the original galleries, one or two words can always lift someone’s mood at the right time!!!! Have an amazing weekend!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 11th

  1. Thank you so much! I feel very honored you picked my page out of all the gorgeous pages that hit the gallery.

  2. oh my friend..this photo is a miracle in itself…lol..thank you for gracious pick of my page…and wow…loved seeing some new talent…gosh..some ahmazing pages and I am trying so hard not to do a planner, but so lucious!

  3. Oh wow, thanks so much for picking my pages, i’m so honored !!! And i love seeing all those fantastic pages here.

  4. Thank you for your kind words and for including my layout with all of these beautiful pages, Cynthia. I so appreciate your kindness. xo

    1. Ohhh I am thrilled and honored to have my ‘Soul Journey’ piece Finger Pointed and included among the fabulous pieces here! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments – made me BIG SMILE!!
      Biggest hugs! xxxx

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