When I looked around the galleries today, I admit I was happy to have an excuse (okay, another excuse) to avoid wrapping Christmas presents. So naturally, what was I drawn to? Christmas pages! So, my picks are leading us through the high points of the season… feel free to pull up a chair, get a nice cup of cocoa, and procrastinate about whatever you have left to do to get ready for Christmas with me, while we enjoy other people’s Christmas spirit!

This is Liz, and these are my picks.

Black Friday Shopping by Lor

First we start with the shopping! I loved how this page really captures the frenetic pace of Black Friday. The edgy angling, the great vertical glittery metal alpha for the title, the line drawn trees and snowflakes all add to that feeling. I liked the real embellishments too, and the shadow work. The kraft was a good choice for the background, reminding me of the paper bags she probably received her purchases in. Did you find everything you needed to buy?


Baking Cookies by AliceM

Next, we need to bake some cookies! This page has a cute design with the grid background bordered with the vertical strips. But it’s really the elements that border the photo and adorn the top corner that drew me in. Cute, cute, cute. Love the use of the measuring and mixing spoons. Do you need a taste-tester for those cookies, by any chance?


this is home by blackkathy

As we drive through the neighborhood, we see all the signs of winter! Brrr, it looks cold where she lives. Love the little elements decorating the scene she created with those wintery photos. The word art on the top photo worked nicely in the white space. Love the ribbon accent as a flourish. There is something very special about digital embossing too, love that title work around the edges. Great macro photography on the pine bough. Okay, back inside for more hot cocoa!


Making a List by MaggieMae

Next we need to make our Christmas wish lists! I love how Julie blended that wonderful photo of her namesake into the grid paper. The photo treatment is terrific, I said wow out loud at that. The flourishy bit reminded me of a snowflake. Lovely, fun page. Did you peek over her shoulder to see what she’s asking for?


Hybrid Christmas Tags by Kate

Time to wrap some presents? (Well, not at my house, but maybe at Kate’s!) Love these clever hybrid tags, but seriously, is someone going to grab those after the presents are opened? Those are too special times ten to just go into the big heap of discarded wrapping paper! Kate is one of the most talented hybrid artists I know, so I wasn’t at all surprised that she made these stellar tags to make her presents spectacular. She’s probably got all of her presents wrapped too. Maybe she’ll come to my house and help. Sure could use some tags…


Christmas Magic by Mocamom

Once the shopping, baking, decorating, wish lists and wrapping are done, what’s left? Well, the magic of the season! And I was thrilled with this page for its magical qualities. Terrific, sparkly photograph, which I knew immediately would be the one for this post. I love that her subject is reading by the light of the tree, that is just too sweet. The design of the page really worked, with the Christmas colors, and asymmetrical paper stacks and that great stitched tree grounding the photo. Just magical, truly.


So now we have everything we need to make Christmas special, but alas, my presents are still unwrapped! I hope you enjoyed the picks today! If so, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some much-deserved praise. And, have a great holiday!



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  1. Oh my gosh Liz, you so made my day! I am so thrilled to have had my LO chosen along with these amazing LOs! You words about my LO leave me with so much pride in creation! Thank you so much!

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