Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing fine! Jeanine here (@work), with my picks for today! As you understand I’ll keep it short, because I never know if it gets busy here and I like to finish my post at work and not in the morning at home.

You’ve got mail by swastinadia Oh, this is such a touching page, two spouses living apart from each other for a long time and communicating by mail, SMS and so on…This page tells everything, how hard it is and how she misses her hubby and how much she wants them to be together again. Wonderful page & a lot to see and I totally LOVE the colors used her. Love the letterbrush and the schoolpaper also, everything matches perfect together!

swastinadia sweetshoppe

Waiting by evadraga What a wonderful page, so elegant and sophisticated, even the messy stitched tree is proudly standing there waiting for some snow also maybe? I love the winter and I am waiting for snow for sure, but it is still too warm over here. A great page, I love it!

evadraga oscraps

Moment in time by Wombat146 Wow, this is so beautiful!! The large title dominating the upper half of the page, the vintage treatment of the picture, the words stamped on it, the brushes all over, would be a great piece on the wall! Gorgeous!

wombat146 sbg

December White Space by TillM Great C&S page! Lovely blending of the ornaments and picture in it. And aren’t the Christmas charms adorable! A true beauty!

TillM sbg

Days of December by Jana This could be a page made by a dutchie, in Holland a lot of people have no curtains to cover the windows (or they don’t close them when it gets dark) and everyone can look into the houses. Especially at Christmastime it is so nice to peek in and see all the cosy christmasdecorations. A wonderful warm Christmas page!

jana des digit

2016? Bring it on!!!! I am always surprised by Cynthia (MrsPeel), every picture of the last few months shows more of her beautiful bubbly and enthousiastic personality. I love how the page is devided in two parts, one quiet half and one busy half. I love how everything is kind of clustered around the picture, drawing all the attention to it and what surrounds it. And I toally love that clockpaper with all the different times on it!!

MrsPeel tlp

These were my choices for today! I hope you like them and please leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries. Have a nice week! Only 11 more days till Christmas!!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 13th

  1. ohhhh my… Jeanine…. what can I say? you ALWAYS every day, manage to make my day. I say every day as you have been so supportive ever and all the work you do for us at the blog is incredible…. and, of course, with featuring my pages that makes may day in more, much more ways than one. Amazing post too.
    What an honor to be feature alongside Ona…when on earth would I have thought any page of mine deserved a place along hers….
    Every page in the post is absolutely amazing, I could have picked each & everyone of them.
    Congrats Ladies, awesome pages,
    Marvelous post Jeanine <3 Thanks again <3

  2. Jeanine, thank you so much for selecting a page of mine! I am truly honored whenever a layout of mine is picked! xx In all honesty this page is purely the work of Vinnie Pearce, this template is amazing………. all I needed to do was add a photo! lol! Cynthia, honestly girl! YOU are super talented and have such a distinctive and amazing style! Thank you for your kind and supportive words, they always mean a lot coming from you!!! xx Congrats to everyone else as well, they are all such inspiring pieces 🙂

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