Hello everyone! Christmas is still three weeks away, but the galleries are overloaded with Christmaspages already! For tonight I picked some non Christmas pages, I think there will be enough holiday pages here in the weeks ahead of us ;).

Thankfull you by Dady A wonderful captured moment, mother and son together in the snowy woods. Have I mentioned I love large photo pages? Well this one got my attention right away! The colors of the paper and the choice of ellies match perfect with the atmosphere in the picture. That wintery cosy feel. Love how the placement of the elements lead to the picture. Beautiful!

dady pixelpress

Click by Isa Marks This is a very familiar picture! My middle son hates being the object of my photography needs ;).  Having a child in the house that wants to take pictures all the time seems a horror to me, LOL! I think Isa made a gorgeous page, love the soft colors here and the lovely patterns in the squares. Also love all the brushes and words peeking out underneath the picture and squares.

Isa Marks dst

Chase Rainbows by EllenT Wise words for all teenage kids and young adults! Nowadays they seem to think everything has to be cool and perfect all the time, but you appreciate lifes rainbows less when not having a little rain every now and then. Wonderful colors here and great composition and shadowwork!

EllenT oscraps

Jonathan Chu of Skillet by CindaA A very expressive and artsy page! It’s almost if I am there, hearing the music and feeling the heat of the fire! I love the composition here and how Cinda treated the pictures/used masks.

CindaA oscraps

Autumn Rose by RucolaDesigns Love how the picture is doubled and used as a blended background for the small picture. Love the autumn colors here and did you see the bird peeking from behind the picture?

rucola designs sbg

Take Two Challenge by DesignbyLime This is a redo of an older page by Lime and you should definitely take a look at the old one (link) and see how Lime grew over the years in her scrapwork, it’s amazing! This one is so much more interesting, love all the little scribbles, circles, stamps, colors, studs and brushes here. A true beauty!

lime tlp

I’ve come to the end of my post, I wish you a very nice evening and see you next time!

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    1. Thanks Patsy! The galleries were overloaded with beauties, the hardest thing is to leave wonderful pages out. And picking more is not an option, it takes me at least 3 hours to gather the pages, choose wich ones I want to show, write the blog etc…

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