Carrie here. So, um, it’s cold. Really cold. And we did get a lot of snow Monday that has not melted a bit, which isn’t normal for our area. Now that snow has frozen into some sort of deathly, ice encrusted monstrosity. Remember when I wished for snow? This isn’t what I meant. Too cold to even play in… and one wrong step and you’ve broken your tailbone. Canada, you can have your weather back now… It’s good things these picks are HOT because now matter how hard I try, I can’t manage to stay warm today.


Forever and Ever by swastinadia

The caricatures with the photos pasted into the faces is really fun. She’s used the greenery at the top of the page to point you right them, while the pink hearts pull you through the page. Add in the black and white bits and the interesting becomes extraordinary. Plus, this is a perfect page for a viewfiner. Why? Because you know they’ve done cool things before and after the photo like friends do when they celebrate together.



A Diamond in The Rough by Anny-Libelle

There’s so much I love about the page- the color focus, the texture, the bling… It’s ornate, yet casual, thanks to the loose composition. The lines on the background paper and that torn paper layer actually control the flow of the page. Notice the way those lines meet the photo where the photo is free of embellishing? Your eye needs a way into photos and way out along with something to control the flow of the eye over the page… and she’s done that here brilliantly.



bontjas by Ellen

I’m currently on a big heritage kick, so I love to see how others approach heritage photos. What really blew me away here was all the modern technique mixed with vintage feeling motifs, embellishments and color. The treatment on the photo just allows it to grab your eye and when you look at those interesting textures… just wow! Plus, she has the details down in a way that harmonizes with the all the other text elements. What a keepsake!

At the Movies by dlhoffer

She has this almost block composition made with circular elements and rounded edges. The lenses on the projector move you into Audrey’s stunning eyes and her cigarette holder points your eye in the direction to go next.  The reel in the bottom right hand corner bounces you back up to journaling… Not to mention the palette is perfect for a story about movies- very dramatic!



The Becoming of Me by danesa

This is just such a cool idea. What sorta cover would a book about you have? The colors suck your right in and the title immediately leaves you feeling like you need to explore the rest of the page. The photo tells a visual story as it emerges from the background. And the orange by the eyes is a great example of reinforcing what we are naturally drawn to… This really is so amazing!



Best Version of You by ~Justagirl~

The palette here is subtle, but the amazing photos and black and white elements are powerful, giving a loving, but exciting feel. I love how she breaks borders (adding to the excitement) of the journaling cards in the 4×6 pockets. And the doodly stitches around the “be the best version of you” word art actually breaks into the next pocket, adding a subtle omph. She’s also mixed patterns so well, so even though the palette is subtle, the page is anything but.



That’s enough outta me… time for me to get under the covers! Until next time!!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- February 19

  1. wOw Carrie, awesome picks!!!!! love these, congrats ladies!!!! And. yes. Cold. I hear you- not nice- Hope things warm up soon!!!! Huggzz

  2. Wow! I am so humbled to be included amongst all the beautiful layouts you’ve chosen. There are so many talented ladies included. It makes me want to take away something from each layout and incorporate in my digi toolbox. Thank you so much for including my bookcover.

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