Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt… GAH!!!!!! Yeah. That’s me today. And by me, I mean Carrie. A frazzled, hot mess of a mom. Dirty dishes piled in the sink (where did they come from??), cat tearing up every paper product he can find (why do I even have all these papers?) and a house that was clean on Sunday looks like a tornado went through it (where did that pile of dirty socks come from?). And now I have some naughty kitty action going on… so…. It is an absolute TREAT to have to stop to browse the galleries, pick some stellar pages and then share them here with you (which is why ya’ll absolutely rock!).

 Project life week 6 (left) by Arte Banale (see the right side here)

I just love this take on a Project Life page! It’s rich, yet easy on the eyes. I love the wintery colors, the photo crops and treatments, the cursive font mixed with the fun word art. There’s a lot going on, but the big, blue title just grabs you!


Salad by PLM

Never has a salad looked so interesting! This page caught my eye immediately. The watercolor effect plays perfectly into the theme. I love the dimension of the little notes and the elements.



be someone else’s rainbow by eve11ne

First, the background paper is a wonderful backdrop for a rainbow… but the rainbow! Not only is clustering impressive, but I love that the shape of the rainbow is completely unexpected.




True Love Story by NSmil3Anna

From a all the colors to monochromatic… I just love all the cut hearts, the softness and the brushed photo and the cluster of elements to draw you into the focal point.



Love Song by chocochoco

The pencil drawing is so strong, but the ombre background gives it big pop. I love the layering of the giant, neutral elements… it’s a sneaky way to create a visual triangle.



Pearl Harbor by anrobe

Come for the color, stay for the story… I love a heritage page that connects past and present. A dramatic photo, modern techniques and a vintage typewriter font- very close to what was used on military documents at the time- transforms this into an heirloom.


While it’s technically tomorrow here on the East Coast (thanks to kitties), I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s picks. I’ll see you next time!

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