Happy WeekEND! The sun came out in full glory today in my little town in the middle of nowhere, so we did a three mile hike! It was so beautiful! My kids were running, the dogs so happy to be out and about.  I came back quite refreshed and full of vigor to gallivant thru the galleries! Why don’t you get cozy and be inspired:

Oh Christmas Tree by AmieN1. Christmas is always makes for special pages.  Just take a look at the focus on the sprinkles.  The richness and crispness of this photo is fantastic! The fact that it is not “traditional” Christmas green makes me happy too!  Having the journaling tucked in the plastic pocket is adorable, and I plan on doing that soon, like tonight! lol


She by Lindzee. I am not a professional dancer, I am one who just loves music that makes you move, and this page is full of movement that happens when you are enjoying the process of creating!! The duplication is perfection and then using the puppet warp makes me just thrilled! This is a page that I think I can almost hear the slight tinkling of bells, because it does feel alive!


Love by breakingbrie.  BAM! there it is, jumping off the page as a thumbnail, must click to find out more about the design.  I love this idea of using a Pocket Template for an everyday moment.  Of course, when you have a face this adorable on the page it helps too! I keep looking and love the diverse patterns, and fun color play in the pockets. This is top notch!


 All About by Natas11. I had to read every bit on this page. Amazing the pain our sister in scrap has, and then the diagnosis is something I never even knew existed.  The page is full of facts, and not the most happy thing to scrap about, but it still has a real fighters spirit, even her use of the word strip; optimistic presses in. This is a page to be savored and held into your mind.  We don’t know what our fellow scrappers go thru in life, but they all want to create, and that brings us close.


Hatred by nessita. The power and energy that flows from this page is so tangible and deep.  I want to print it out and touch it, because the grungy metal bits along with the powerful stamp designs. This is akin to an old Japanese ink block meets the Iron age.  Oh do I love it!


 Week 2 Pl- Moments Remembered by Jane_Bond7(whose screen name makes me happy too). I am one who starts Project Life, and fails.  Then I see pages like this, I want to begin all  over again.  The use of  the white journaling on the black is butt kicking awesome, and then the words. This woman can journal like no tomorrow.  I love that she keeps a daily journal to help her with the PL.  Then her photos are gasp producing also. I put both pages in, because they work together, and you have to appreciate that!



There we go, fun and finger pointing all at the same time!

~never lose you joy

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  1. Thank you so much Anne! What an honour to be mentioned here and such sweet things said about my pages! This totally made my week!!

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