Hello everyone, Jeanine here with my late post. I was watching a real shocking programm about youth going out in pubs in England. It told about how much they drink, how drunk they get and what can happen then. Girls showing everything underneath their dresses, people falling on the street, hurting themselves, breaking ankles…my…times are changing as Bob Dylan was singing… I don’t remember getting ever that drunk.  But what am I talking about… I was strolling through the galleries also of course! 😉 Here’s what I’ve found!

Off the beaten path by Asali is the first one I stumbled upon. And what a beauty this is! Love the background with the punched holes here. The stroke of orange really caught my eye and I love the B&W picture

asali tlp

Week 2 2015 by QuiltyMom I love vibrant and colorful PL pages and this one is no exception. There’s so much happening on this page and I totally love the pieces of text on the pictures and all the different fonts used here. Beautiful!

QuiltyMom tlp

Smile by MrsMessy Well, Mrs Messy serves us a very clean and adorable page here! I am blown away by the almost colorless approach and the great amount of expression in this page. Love the stitched pieces of paper here. Wonderful page!

MrsMessy tlp

Me by IntenseMagic A gorgeous page and an adorable picture also! Love the loose approach and the sweet little elements scattered around the photo. Great shadowwork on the string!

IntenseMagic tlp

MOC 2015 day 7 by Jode2771 Not only happy pages today, this is a real horrorstory told in a few words here. I can imagine Jode asking how much more does she have to take. Well I hope the bad things will end and things will get better soon! Love the wordstrips here and the alpha is gorgeous!

jode2771 tlp

Shop till you drop by Zwyck Wow, I love this fun shoppingpage!!! Great treatment of the picture of the mannequins here. The pops of color are just enough and need nothing more to draw the attention to the shopping girls and to let this page tell its own story.

zwyck oscraps

So I’ve come to the end of my post today! I wish you all a great week ahead of you!

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my layout. I’m just catching up after a busy week, so this made my day 🙂

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