Hello everyone! Happy new year!!! May 2015 bring you all you wish for!! How was your holiday season? Happy and cheery I hope. We had some friends over from Tokyo for 3 days and I haven’t been laughing so hard for a long time. It was so nice and refreshing. Now on to a new year of beautiful pages! I hope you’ll enjoy the pages that made my heart skip today!

Dance by AnikA  – Look at this awesome layout!!! The flow in the page, the split photo with 2 different effects. This is so cool! There’s not much else to say! It speaks for itself! I love it!

S.D. Wild Animal Park by tylertooo – This is such a beautiful layout! Beautiful photos of course! How amazing it must be to be able to see giraffes so close. The soft colors make them stand out very nicely. I love the brushes and scribbles in the back and how the small detail photo is in the mask/brush like this. Beautiful flow. Gives a nice accent to the main photo. As always, I can’t help notice the stitches. Love how they are placed. Truly wonderful page!

Less is More by TanteEni – You would think it’s easy to have a simple page as simple as that but I don’t think it is. It needs good taste and balance and here it has all of that. The choice of the brush and the title placement, the subtle background paper. It could definitely be a magazine ad I think. Very inspiring in my opinion.

Ginkgo by scrappyjedi – Who doesn’t love some grungy and messy from time to time? 😉  Well, I do and here I also love the contrast between the black and white background and brushes with the yellow photo and accents in the page. Love the little word bits and the beads spread here and there. Gives it dimension and a real paper scrap feel. I love how the title is big but because it’s white, it doesn’t overwhelm the page. I can enjoy ginkgo in fall in Japan and I love their colors! It’s also one of the reasons why this page caught my eyes.


Trouble by Alegna – How cute is that!! Love the sketch effect on the photos and the light colors with a repeat in the page with the color accents on the white background. Cute little elements too and of course the brush in the back is yummy. Definitely makes me wonder what mischief has been done lol Super sweet page!

Look for Rainbows by Lindyshay – And finally, the big photo sucker I am couldn’t resist this super soft and sweet page! Beautiful blending and I love the brush choice that goes so well in the negative space of the photo (the empty space?). How adorable is that?! It seems she is actually looking at the little blue flower. With those word bits attached like this it looks like a real paper page. :sigh:

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