Oops! Running pretty late for this post. I actually started it in advance and then life got in the way and then I forgot to edit and here we are a few hours later and it’s already the 14th in any other part of the world… Let’s just say that it’s still the 13th on my planet? OK? lol Enough bla bla after such a delay and here are my picks for… yesterday! lol

Beach Days by Sexy__Eyes – Let’s start by the perfect summer page if you please. Looks at those beautiful pastel colors that match so nicely the slightly vintage photo. I love the delicate brush work in the back and behind the cluster. Love how the photo lifts from the page like it was a real paper scrap. Beautiful shadowing.

p15m by Vissarah – And now on to a gorgeous camaïeu (is cameo the English word?) of blues for a super fresh page. I love how the brushes and the bird overlap on the photo but also how the photo is in a mask and go a little beyond the frame. The flower gives the whole a little bit of volume without being too heavy. Wonderful job!

Fireworks by Secima – I love fireworks and I thought I had seen some before I came to Japan but I had seen nothing! The scale is so big here it’s amazing. And this is what I thought about first when I saw this page. I love the dark background that looks like a night sky and the white watercolor brushes go fantastically with the mood of the night. The yellow dots give a little bit of highlight. Love the repeats of the photos in small to show what the spectacle looked like. Great design!

One day in feb by misslovescraps – “Awesome cluster/framing” is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this page. Love the big bold title and the cute elements all over that seem to keep the paper and the photo “attached” to the page. It has a very sweet look with the cute pink but also elegant with the dark blue and the gold. Love the mix of words in different size and styles too.Wonderful job.

Putting it into action by star74 – OMG! Look a this one!!! This has to be a real paper scrap, hasn’t it?! You gotta have very good taste and eye to make so little look so good. Love the big flower in the same color as the helmet in the photo. And the flow that is given with the leaves and the branches behind the photo. Truly gorgeous design!

Balance by Chocochoco – And finally the queen of clusters, I name Chocochoco. Look at this gorgeous ensemble!!! Wow wow wow. Not only the colors are awesome together but all those tiny bits and flower to make an amazing cluster. Love the big zigzag patterned frame and how the journal/title and WAs are placed. Maybe when I grow up I can scrap like this?! GORGEOUS!

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