Hi! I’m here to help our Vicky as her computer broke down when she was writing the post! unfortunately, the system only saved on page, so I will be finishing the post for her- ere is the page she had picked and blogged:

Hello! Vicky here with my Gallery Standout Picks! This will be my last blog post before my holiday, I haven’t even began to start on our packing, but I have been researching my holiday destination for places to visit, things to do, excursions for all the family and some places to eat traditional Turkish cuisine! I can’t wait to jump on that plane! I’m trying to forget about the ironing and packing I’m going to have to do before hand hahaha xx Well while I delay the chores even more, I’ve been browsing the gallery this morning, and here are only 6 of the wonderful pages I came across xx

2015 Project Life Week 28 (Left Side) by Barbara Unzen

This is such a fun, bright and cheerful Pocket style page! This is part of a double page spread, you can find the other side *Here*. This side caught my attention with the girls new hairstyles! What fabulous changes, that really suit them both! I love the taped and  angled frames with their new looks along with the before and after shots at the salon. The colors here scream summer fun! I *heart* the pops of red and yellow too. Great memory keeping! xx


and here are my picks: F is for FUn a la piscine by Ga_L : I’m sure you have worked out this is fun at the swimming pool…and how fun is the page!!!! love the format, the paint playing in the background, the feel of the water present…I love Gaelle’s ability to make gorgeous pages with amazing blank space, love the photo editing!!!! All put together, a total stand out today!!!


Another super talented girl in the mostly clean and blank spacey style, this page called me for the background texture, and when I looked closer it just made my heart smile… those smiles, the happiness coming through the photo, the feeling of forest so well represented, LOVE her shadows and how this has actually quiet a lot when you look closer…another super skill sometimes I wish I had: making cleaner pages still using enough elements to create a “back up” for the story….LOVE this page!!!! Ancient Forest Falls by bcnatty


If you regularly read our posts, you would know by now how much I love a designer who scraps, and this lady, I think, needs not much of an introduction…. her work as a designer is amazing and every page I see of hers shows me how much talent she has ….in this case even more so as she is also the one who created the template and the kit… the template super original as hers always are, and her tale on this so beautiful, perfect in every way you look at it! The perfection with which she has combined the patterned papers, the tittle work and all those amazingly perfect shadows! A stunner!!! You are Perfect by Akizo


Next page is a jewel by someone whom I’m sure you know, as she is often featured here, only bot much by me… so it makes me happy to be on the gallery rounds when I find something from her that I can pick!!! (we have rules, you know, as I am always telling you! LOL) Ona is one of my most favorite artsy scrappers who can do any & everything….. and will give it a master quality. Her art is so amazing, I could make posters/prints and hang them on my wall and never tire to look!! The blending & layering here are so wonderful, a jewel!!!! The Simple Life by wombat146


This next page is the kind that made me want to do art journal…. I remember a few years back finding these dolls, the collaged parts of the body, those huge eyes, so much fun expressed and so many possibilities…. Love how this one is so vibrating with the reds and the contrast with the black in the background… thanks for reminding me of this …gorgeous, up-lifting page, you are so right, it does make us happy!!!! Be by Melissa Kaye


and with this I’ll say good night (as it’s early hours of Wednesday for me here!) Please do spare a minute or two to find these awesome artists’ galleries, just click on the high- lit name of the LO and author and it will take you to the original galleries… thanks so much, have a great day!!!

7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 14th

  1. Thank you Cynthia for your very kind words!!you are so sweet!! and congrats to everyone else who had their brilliant pages selected!! yay! :

    1. more than well deserved!!! my pleasure…every page of yours is wonderful and most certainly stands out in the gallery!!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I’m so excited to have my layout chosen among so many gorgeous layouts! What a nice surprise! Congrats to everyone else as well! Beautiful pages!

    1. our pleasure 🙂 will pass it on to Vicky too! an amazing page, love the break on the format with the tilted photos and the girls look amazing !!! (before and after!)

  3. thank you very much for picking this page. you’re right I had fun to make it and this picture is special for me, it was taken few days ago and it was the time where go at the pool (the whole family). it was a great moment, I’m happy to have some pictures of it

  4. Wow!! I was distracted a few days and sooooo excited to see your remarks … thank you thank u !!!

    i do love collaging people…. i often wonder if anyone ever looked at my digi files and would be surprised with my body part folders.. lol
    thanks again!

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