Good morning… evening (?) everyone! Still hot and humid here in Japan. All that I hate. I have family coming from Korea from tomorrow, Wednesday, to Sunday and I am not looking forward to go around in that heat but we have a few fun things planned so hopefully will forget about the humidity… probably not but ones can hope lol. But for today I can stay home and before starting to clean I took some time to gallery browsing. Let’s see if you like the picks I have today! Hope you enjoy!

Drumheller by JoanneBrisebois – First stop today is at the beach! Look at this awesome blending and work on the background. I love the soft look. It goes so well with the beach and sky colors. And the cherry on top of this page is of course the super cool and fun out-of-bound photo. Loooove how it seems they are climbing outside the frame! Truly super cool!!

BEen Here by jumlai – Here is another page with an awesome blending job and background. How cool does this picture look with his arms extended and it fits perfectly the globe, right? Very clever. Love the colors  and the flow that makes the globe, the photo and the big title.

af by marnel – More coolness again! I love how she used the patterns in the paper to place the photos with unusual cuts. Perfect design for this boyish page. Full of energy and I love all those type of WAs and paper bits. Very artsy!


Awesome by domad – Beautiful colors here and perfect color match with the picture. I love the flow of elements here and the little bits everywhere. The mix of stitches, brushes, tiny stars is super yummy. Great association of letters with the big and bold title, the paper bits journal and the colorful WAs.

Special Delivery by mum2gnt – On to some cuteness!!! OMG! This is so adorable! Delicate and soft just like this special delivery must be. Love the brush work and how the photo is attached with the staples. Also love the sepia photo with those sprinkles of pink and orange. Great choice of fonts too for the title and date. I can’t stop looking at the details here like the shadowing for example. Truly wonderful!


Set Sail – Halong Bay by DeborahWagner – Seems like it’s a theme with me lately. Maybe I want to travel… Not maybe, surely! And here is another page making me want to go abroad. I love big photos, no secret here, and I love the beautiful blend and the way she showcased the WAs. Beautiful photo and design! Perfect color match. I want to GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

5 thoughts on “Finger pointing – July 20th

  1. Ah Nini you sweetheart you! Thank you xxxxxxxxx Good luck with the visitors and the humidity.

  2. Thank you so much, this page means more to me than I could ever try to explain. My son is fighting a battle with depression and therefore I am his number one cheerleader at the moment aside from being Mom and I need him to understand the value in himself and this kit was just a perfect outlet for me on the day I created it. You fight I fight <3

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