Hello world of digi! Ready for some new beautiful pages? It’s supposedly the rainy season here in Japan, Northern-East Japan where I am exactly, but today is a beautiful sunny day and I was able to make 2 loads of washing. The first one is already dried up ;). But there is a little humidity in the air and I don’t like to be outside so I keep cool in front of my computer and enjoy some gallery browsing. I hope you will like what I found today for the 6th… I’m running late again and it’s already the 7th here in Japan lol Enough bla bla. On to some beautiful scraps! Enjoy!

Unique by artmarty – First here I was attracted by the colors, the natural tones of the page with this big and bold title. Love the brush work and the scratchy mask on the photo. It is definitely one of a kind of a page.


My grand-mother by cocodou – Here on the other hand is the simplicity of the page that first made me click the thumbnail. I love the very elegant and delicate design of the page that fits so icely this vintage photo. Very very pretty.


This right here by kaphelps – What a cool design! Love the big but thin photo going through the whole page and the big split of the page behind, in the diagonal. Very daunting but the colors and cute elements make it also very elegant. Fantastic design and I need to lift that!

The beauty of the heart by Maja – Something more girly here but very elegant too. Love the big and sharp B&W photo, as you probably already guessed. And the wonderful flower cluster with those lace borders and stitches are yummy too. Super sweet design.


Lennox Head by Tracermajig – Here I love how the photo is in a watercolor mask and goes outside the frame. Cool pops of red color as an accent to this wonderful scenery. Love the brush work behind the cluster with the crabs and dolphins. The whole pops so nicely against the white background.


When time stood still by wendy85 – Finally this super fun and bright page. I love the natural color of the background paper and the frame with those splash of bright red and yellow. Perfect match with the photo of course. Cute blending in the corner to add up to the story without attracting too much the eye.


6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 6th

  1. I am thrilled to be recognized among these amazing pages~ thank you so much for the wonderful surprise!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my page! but there is a mistake with my name, I am not “janadee” but “artmarty” is right 🙂 thanks for understanding 🙂

    1. I’m sorry artmarty for the mistake. I read the name of the first person commenting your page at the gallery. Apologies. I have edited the blog post. Thank you for pointing it out 😉

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