Hi everyone, Jeannette here showing you the Gallery Standouts for July 8. I had a blast browsing through the galleries. So many amazing and inspirational pages. We had fresh fish for dinner tonight, for the first time in my life! Although I did find the fish a bit slippy when I spiced it and I also did not like the eyes staring at me, I managed and we had a wonderful dinner! Only thing I do not like is that my hands still smell like fish, even though I washed them with soap a dozen times. Urghhh! Anyway, here are today’s picks, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Swamp Things by stevetaylor

This is such a wonderful page. I love the photo from the two boys. It’s fits perfectly in the background. The framing is great and there is so much to see in this page. The longer you look, the more you discover. I really like how everything in this page belongs, even the journaling!


The Story of Today by mimisgirl

I love the colors of the beautiful photo’s. The little boy is the cutest!! I really like the slight touches of color, the bits of green and pink in the photo’s. It makes this page so special. The doodle frames are beautiful in this page and the colors in the middle make it shine!



Smarty Pants by Shivani

This page made me smile. This beautiful girl has such a heartwarming smile and you can she the happiness in her eyes. The design of this page is absolutely great. I love all the ribbons behind the photo and the circled doodle with all the elements placed on it, is a wonderful touch! This page is filled with fun and joy and it’s great to watch it!



Gybogi-Agent #7 by weaselwatchr

I’m not really a “pink lover”, but in this page the pink got to me. It makes this page look really cool! There is lots to see on this page. The words, the smaller photo’s, the beautiful black and white one in the centre. I also love the layering in this page and the composition. I do like it very much!


G&T Designs by Networka

Wow, another colorful page. I love it. The color blend in so beautifully and so do the faces. I love the softness in this page. It almost feels like a wonderful garden filled with dreams and I wish to dive right in!


Montego Bay Catamaran by Inewhouse

I love this cool page. The bold colors fit just perfectly here. The clustering and composition are absolutely amazing and the longer you look, the more details you will discover. Everything in this page goes so well with the catamaran and snorkle theme. Being a day out on the ocean is so much fun and this pages shows just that!


These are my picks for today. I hope you like them as much as I do and if you can spare the time, please leave these wonderful artists some love! See you next time!


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