Hello everyone! Time flew so fast this week, and here we are again for beautiful pages to be picked. I haven’t done much this week so where did this time go? Scares me a bit actually. If only it meant that it was a fun and interesting week and I didn’t see time go by but it’s not even the case… boo hoo. I need to change that and go window shopping at the big town so that this week doesn’t end as boring as it started lol. First IKEA and then interiors shops around the station while waiting for hubby to arrive by train from Tokyo. Sounds like a plan 😉 Enough ranting. Here are my peeks for June 1st! Hope you like them!

Hybrid Layout by brennatay – I loooove this fun and sweet design. All the cirlces with either papers or photos, love the angles of the big stripes behind the circles and the tiny bits here and there, the cute tabs/WAs all attached to the page with stitches . Must look even better in real! So fun!

 2015 : These Shoes by MrsPeel – How fun is that too! Love the match with the background doodle circles and the photo circle design. All those splatter brushes are yummy and the colors too. Great mix of alphas, fonts and word arts. It’s one thing to use many fonts but it’s another one to make them work well together, and this page shows that, in my honest opinion.

12 years by Jerilie – Such a darling page! Great mix of sweet and tender colors with those B&W pictures. Love the delicate dotty brush in the back and the multi layered papers behind the photos. Beautiful flower cluster too. I love that even though it’s pretty “crowded” as for elements numbers (comparing to a more clean and simple style for example), the flat shadows and the great placement don’t overwhelm the photos. They really pop wonderfully in this page. Really love the flow here too. Congrats on your anniversary! Beautiful way to showcase this special moment!

 Little Sister by y_baros (Yolanda) – Splatter, splatter, splatter!!! YUM!! This is such a fun layout and photo lol. Love the colors and the cute little “floating” elements. Beautiful shadow work too.

 Handle With Care by wombat146 – Something a little more raw look. How can I explain myself… It makes me think of Japanese washi paper, the one with herbs and leaves mixed within. Beautiful brush work and love the feather behind the title with the white paint stroke that kind of underline the journal. Looks like a hybrid layout, doesn’t it? Wonderful work!

 Thailand by Sterkeurs – And finally let’s travel a bit! Look at this gorgeous sight and page! I love the blending of typed/text paper with the photo. Wonderful framing too with all those little bits and I love how the photo is “attached” to the page with staples. When I scrap I like to keep a flat look so that’s why this kind of page are the first I go to when I pick pages. Plus as you well know by now, I looooove big photos! lol Great travel page! Thank you for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 1

  1. Thank you Nini!!! thrilled to have had this layout picked, took me awhile to do it! lol! xx and gorgeous selection of layouts, congrats to everyone! 🙂

  2. If you know me, you know I’m almost in tears here!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!! It is very very special to me that this page is here today, as is my first page done after a Get It Scrapped class!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled with the learning I’m getting and finding this today is HUGE for me- Thanks Nini!!!!!!!!!

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