Hello!!Paula here again my friends!!!!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you love these pages as much as I do!

splash by mum2gnt

Love the blending, textures, composition, the movement that the sequence shots gives us and the processing on this page. What a good idea to add the text block in the middle of it.  I feel like there are so many techniques done here but it all goes together so well! And about the kids…they look like they are having fun!


summer adventures by asali

I can feel the summer coming with this other  summer page! I can almost feel the waves on my toes. I love full photo pages, and when they come with a cluster amazing work even more. Love the map lines blue background blended with the big photo and how she repeated it on a small version! Great way to capture this wonderful memory!


 limits by silent ranks

What a good idea to use a Medic Alert bracelet! If there were an accident and none of you could speak up about your allergies or medical conditions, it could literally be a life saver.
My daughter is allergic to various types of drugs and I was racking my brain thinking about how to alert about it in case of emergencies … a paper note on her ID, a engraved plaque on the necklace, a tattoo? Nobody said your medical ID bracelet or necklace had to be plain or boring and this is soooo cool!!! So many many cool grungy details to love about this, all the painterly brush strokes and blending here are just perfect .


Best Of The Best by Kovaxka

I couldn’t let the day pass by without adding this page. This is just way too cool. This makes me happy. Ildi is an amazing designer and scraper! This page really caught my eye with its humor and “nostalgia”. “A long time ago”…  a few decades ago, when the computer did not exist, it was what we  used to do!LOL


be the best by misslovescraps

It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. She amazes me with her layouts. This one is no exemption. There is an amazing amount of work here, the photo effect, words, the blending are just FANTASTIC! Great and strong message. Reminds me of this quote from Virginia Woolf: “No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” I think we all want to believe it’s perfectly okay to be exactly who we are. People can only love us if we believe we’re lovable. Once I realized that “being myself” was a big key in being happy, my life took a wonderful turn!


And last but surely not least  Watcha Thinking by Jopke

I couldn’t resist to pick this one by Jopke…I saw it through a Mrs Peel ‘s post at Facebook praising it and I was hoping that no one else post it before me! Love the picture treatment, the texture and how the tittle edges off the page! But what I liked most was the incredible Jenine’s photo, full of happiness,!  A stunning page to record a precious moment! A true standout!


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 10th

  1. LOL, what a surpise seeing me cycle by!! Yeh, Jopke has it, she sure can scrap (and take pictures)! We had a lot of fun on the Island Schiermonnikoog and that shows! 😀

    Congrats to all the other GSO ladies!

  2. Aaaaaah thank you Paula!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that you have called my Dad a kid! This will make his year!!! hahaha. Thank you you sweet lovely lady xxxx

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