Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this super late late LATE Friday night with today’s round of gorgeous Standouts! It took me awhile but I finally managed to whittle my choices to the required six! I hope you find TONS of inspiration in my choices!

First up this evening is this beauty titled I think I think too much by nininano. I really love what the layout artist has done here, such a brilliantly creative way to use the word scatters and word strips, just really REALLY brilliantly creative. The monochromatic palette is absolutely perfect here, too!

I Think

Next up is this stunner by jenmaddocks titled A Man is Known. Love the simplicity in the overall design here, really allows that adorably precious image to standout!

A Man is Known

Love the ultra clean feel in this next Standout titled the good life by CheYang. Love the little photo cluster and all the white space. The images are so adorable!

the good life

I fell head over heels in love with the color palette in this next beauty by Breakingbrie titled zoo day. The design is nothing short of gorgeous, and  I LOVE all the layering and clustering, it’s all so very well done (the shadows are absolutely stellar, too!)!

zoo day

Up next is this adorable work of art by Mimisgirl titled The Great Outdoors. Really love the composition, and how the layout artist so wonderfully captured this story! The images are spectacular, especially the very bottom one, the expression on the one little guy’s face is absolutely priceless!

The Great Outdoors

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty titled moment by Amber Ries. Really love the mix of artsy and traditional. The design is gorgeous, and her masking/blending is flawless!


And that’s a wrap for me this week! I hope that you’ve enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries next week!

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