Hello hello everyone!!! Here I am after a couple of weeks coming to share with you the awesomeness of the galleries…and what an amazing amount of talent there is!!! I know is always like this, but there are days in which I find it particularly difficult and today was one of those…I have been wrecking my brain & my heart on having to decide. I have been going around for almost 3 hours but I think I finally am ready to share, it may be that one or two escape and you ll get a bit more show than usual…. you know, us Latinas…we do everything in excess LOL- The weather is very nice here in London so I’m just enjoying the evening (early hours of the morning more like? 03:30am!) Anyway, lets go to these fabulously talented people and give you some inspiration, I know I am delighted with all I found and I am pretty sure you will be too!!! If you indeed do, and can spare a minute or two, you can get to their original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO & author, even if a couple of words, I’m sure you will make them very happy! Here are my chosen pages from today’s galleries:

Life is Good by staciahall: there is nothing that delights me more than a personalized template, especially when it is for a challenge, in which you get to see a number of pages done with the same and then you “see” deeper when people start coming up with wonders you never thought that set of shapes could harbor….. well, this lady is that impressive artist. She is a fierce memory keeper and can scrap  (like she did for today!!!) 10 pages and you would be holding your jaw at each and everyone of those pages…. and in turn, each page has the beauty, the technique, the story….so today I spent quiet a while tearing my heart apart in between one page and another and then I move into another gallery and here she is with another two or three pages that are equally awesome…. I went for this as it is, in turn, not only one of my picks for today but I think the best page I have seen in the past two weeks done with this template. The photo is so much fun! the girls lovely, those smiles coming straight into my side of the world- Love the photo  & how from it she built up the whole composition with so much color and patterns, the more I look, the more I find! those gorgeous circles hanging perfectly lined, the detail of the washis…so amazingly shadowed!!!!! I want to shadow like her!!!!!More patterns flowing here and, where in some cases this could be overwhelming, here it all looks perfectly right here. There is journaling, bits if word art, and then she constructs a city in the bottom!!!!!!!! those marvelous buildings, more patterns, more paint….and to close it down all with a master touch…that gorgeous alpha, the title so wonderfully done…I wanna have this on my wall!!!!! just.perfect!


Dancer by MlleTerraMoka: here is another shining beauty in the opposite side of the spectrum: a jewel of blank space , a minimalistic page that speaks loudly in all it’s beauty. Love the work done with the photo on editing, this girl is an amazing photographer and then there is the OOB (out of bounds) with that delightful arm escaping the photograph and dancing straight into the pentagram… the string and word art, the very little added just to enhance the whole thing….such a perfect blend of colors with the stamp & paints…. so much I can keep staring at this in delight all night!!!! Amazing!


Another treasure of blank space, minimalistic beauty with this gorgeous page Snap by Carrie. Love everything in here!!!! The photo has so much light, the sun is so beautifully captured here that I can almost feel it, the perfect embellishment of the page with those rocking sunglasses held by the button- LOVE this! and is so great that no much more is needed apart from that! She creates the perfect matte for the photo with the paints with the cleverly done journaling that turns into a stamp, love this!  and then the perfect tittle alpha with the coolest shadows!!!! love how that piece of word art/word strip is almost falling out of the page but still holding… love how much can be done in so much elegance!!!!


You Float My Boat by Chaos Lounge: back to a fuller page, which I have to admit I have a soft spot for the ones so admirably well done like this, is this awesomely talented lady, whom I have been seeing pages for now at least a couple of years of not more….in the beginning I thought she was using stock photos, until looking a bit closer I realized it were indeed herself and her daughter portrayed in those pages! They are both so beautiful, it is easy to think the photo came from a fashion magazine! thing is, not only the beautiful photos, but her talent on giving the photos a beautiful setting, like in here, love the amount of photos and how much fun they are, plus her scrapping males it all so dynamic!!! Love how much she has fit into the page still conserving a clean line, and I also have a soft spot for the designer who created the kit (KimB, such a talented artist!!!) also there were so many beautiful pages with this kit, it wasn’t easy to pick one, but I am definitely taken with this one …gorgeous from top to bottom!!!!


Sushi by Stefanie: Here is another lady I find my inspiration all the time from, a fabulous memory keeper, prolific (another one who has given me a hard time tonight on having to choose!!!!! so many gorgeous pages!!!!) and a story teller in each & every page, I am getting to know her family and discovering her every day page by page, and with the little convos we have over the comments areas or occasional pms…you will also find a diversity of styles in her galleries, one , 2, 3 photos or more, but always a perfect structure to the page, always a beautiful story and something new to learn. She also has a teenage daughter which makes me feel even more identified with her, and this page …well no secret we love sushi and all oriental food in this house…LOVE those photos!! We also have a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro at the foot of the Sugar Loaf mountain in Guanabara Bay, and it is a similar set to theirs in this page…I can imagine how delightful it must have been to sit at a place like this and share wonderful food and chats with friends…and then the pleasure of coming and putting it all into a gorgeous page like this… perfect lines, love the softening of the lines with the bright colors of the pieces of fabric, the big title is perfect, those little fishes….oh I love every detail here!!! Textures & colors…I’m happy!!!! Gorgeous, super elegant page!!!!!


Last but never ever least, this awesome printable card made by Carol  aka Iowan, one of the most talented ladies all over digi-land!!! This is a freebie at the Etc by Danyale’s blog- I saw it earlier today on Facebook and made my quest to find it in the galleries but as I couldn’t, so I give you here the link to the blog so you can go and leave her some love there, and , of course, if you want, grab the card!!!! I LOVE the talent of this lady and every page of hers is a delight, seeing her creating with Danyale’s amazing stuff is the perfect partnership and am over the moon with this! It will do a great Father’s  Day card for my dad! Love how she mixed bits of ephemera with very bright colors, perfect mixture and so much fun!!!!! Her cluster is wonderful and the whole thing is just irresistible!!!!!


There are at least 3 more pages I wanted to show you, one is another page made by Stacia Hall (the first post here at the top is hers) for my Digi Dare which kicked of today…an amazingly well done wedding page you can find HERE- super inspirational , perfectly made! And then there is this jewel by fruitysuet, plot twist …anyone with teenage kids will laugh and nod in recognition!!!!!! I’m gonna need to start going around my house and see if Sarita has left some coins floating around and try to stick some money in my account as I NEED that kit!!!!!!! this is a superb page, her journaling is perfect, so humorous and is perfect with her flawless page composition, also full of humor and perfection…….I could be talking about this for hours, but as I have been here for 2 hours (is now 05:10,) I’m gonna love you and leave you with her page:

Teen Parent by Forever Joy Template Vintage Angles 5 by Amy Martin

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!






4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 19th-

  1. Thanks you so much for mentioning my page here, and for all the great things you said xx

  2. Thank you so much Cynthia for choosing my page and your very kind words… you are truly a doll! And I really don’t like photos of myself, so you your words are truly meaningful. Glad to be in such great company, too. Congrats to the other Stand Outs!

  3. Yikes, I can’t believe I missed this GSO. Thanks so very much for selecting my Father’s Day card. Your kind words are such an ego booster. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah ……………….

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