Hello everyone! Summer has begun today on this part of the world, yeah! Now only the weather has to brighten up a little more. Over here at my place, it was raining all afternoon and it’s not very warm also. But in a few weeks my vacation starts and I am sure the sun will shine then 😉 It has been a while since my last post and it was a great joy to look for outstanding pages today! Let me show you what I’ve found! Yesterday evening  I was working on this post as I got very tired, so I finished it this morning.

Fun by chocochoco Fun splatters from this page, it is wild, colorful and happy! And I love, colorful and happy! The picture pops out because chocochoco kept it B&W amongst all the colors. I love the large amount of scribbles, brushes, stitches and ellies here. This page makes me smile!

chocochoco tlp

Wonderland of Madness by dotcomkari To be able to express a quote from a book is ART to me. I am a big fan of brushes and blending techniques and Kari used them very skillful here. I love this page and its dark and suspicious feel.

dotcomkari tlp

Noekie by DoggiNo Oh, this is a beautiful picture and I love the angle is is taken from! Also love the B&W with a touch of color and the heartpaper Katja used here to give her statement more weight . The journaling at the bottom is adorable. I love it!

doggino mscraps

I am strong by JanainaOliveira I wish I was as strong as Janaina is, doing exercises and keeping in shape, no matter what weather it is. I am not athletic or a big sportswoman, I rather sit behind my lap and be creative than go outside and run or whatever you do when exercising….but I love the journaling and the colors here and I totally adore the titlework!

JanainaOliveira oscraps

City love by Zwyck Everything on this page is wonderful, the treatment of the picture, the urban motion I feel, the black bottom part with the title, the brush on the rigth side, wich follows the shape of upgoing direction of the buildings, well, it is just an outstanding page to me, I love it!!

zwyck oscraps

cbj_itsthelittlethings_footprints by SharonBertolino There is something what attracts me to this colorcombination, red, creme, white and black always work so well together! I love how Sharon build and shaped this page around the quote about friendship. There’s so much to see and look at, gorgeous AJ page!

sharonbertolino dst

These were my choices, I hope you like them! I wish you all a wonderful week!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 21th

    1. Well, even better you didn’t expect it, then the surprise is nicer I think.
      Yes, I know I can, I guess I don’t want to ;)…LOL

  1. wOw wOw wOw !!!!!!!!!! amazing post Jeanine!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG love love LOVE these pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulatiosn ladies!!!!! amazing way for me to start my day, gorgeous, each and everyone!!!!

    1. The girls did all the work Cynthia, I just found them…lol. But they are amazing aren’t they? There is so much talent out there, it’s unbelievable!

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