Hello, Paula here!  I hope everyone is having a great week! I’m having a busy one as usual!  So here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

us by creashens

So much to see, so many intricate details here! Not to mention the palette is perfect. Love the sky blue and gold mix! Those everyday moments become big when we take the time to document them for future generations!


the dark side by ashleywb

Another page in the same style with a cute pic and the right ellies! I’ve always been a big fan of Star Wars so this page caught my eyes immediately!! Fantastic journaling: NEVER underestimate the power of the Dark Side!
Ohhh…I really want to make a post on May 4th so I could do the “May the Fourth be with you” joke!!!LOL


Wonderful by Mimisgirl 

The photo is just pure awesomeness, but they way it pops against the neutral paper is amazing.  Those flags are almost jumping in the page and the perfect shadows are just WOW!


Lazy Days by Kat Hansen 

First I love the pic ( and the blue nails)!!!! Fantastic!!!! The shadow work is amazing too and I love all the little touches of greens and blues on the grey background.. The other stunning thing about this page are all the pattern papers. Loooove them!


Sweet stuff by thomsen

How wonderful can blank space be when done correctly?! Love the sketchy border, shadows are superb, love this composition, the pics, everything!!! I so plan on lifting this page… like tomorrow!


Flora by designbylime

The last one jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye immediately. This is a more artsy style and totally creative! Love the different color paints in the eyes and the flowers and birds in the woman’s head are a stunning image, such a powerful page!


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