Hello!!! Hope you are having a great weekend! I’m bringing you yesterday’s beauties, as I couldn’t post last night- So, as my day is starting and this is one of those very VERY rare days in which I can get up, leave the bed and move about, and the sun is shining outside….I’ll go straight into it, with some absolute delights from the galleries!!!

Water- Art Journal March Challenge: Hear No Evil by cfile: this is just…..beyond awesome- not only she composes a page that gets you to that silent- for yourself moment- full of beauty- but she also shares how to do it….. it’s in this moments when I wish I used any PS related scrapping program- I love Christa’s ability to  produce original pieces and the fact that she is never afraid of filling the page ….and she is not only  sharing her stories with us (which always make the pages a lot more interesting!) but also her skills!….Absolute. Amazing. Beautiful. Total. Stand Out-


abr by marnel: well, I have recently been converted into a pocket scrapping lover, even though I don’t do Project Life- But this is one of the most beautiful examples of how the whole pockets thing can be used for each and everything you want to scrap….the big photo (LOVE big photos!!!!! ) and the gorgeous little bits she added …so much fun!!!


Delete Delete by alannabanana: LOve this page!!!!!!!! I am NOT very good at combining patterned papers, would love to, but never ends up looking like this lot of wonderful here!!!! the photo is such a cute capture, her daughter makes one of the most beautiful “models” in digi land, and every little touch she added makes the template so hers, perfect amount of elements, superbly clustered too and perfectly done shadows!!!!!!


Morning at the Beach by msbrad: I’m always delighted when I find a page by Michelle, and here I continue with my love of big photos- Love the image, makes me want to step in, that gorgeous sun light and the beautiful addition of paints subtly in the borders, and perfect choice for the border in the bottom, the papers almost blends in  the photo and the few flowers/elements are in perfect balance here- LOVE this page!!!!


Happy Pi Day! by France: this called my attention and very much justified! what an amazing way to celebrate!!! Love the colors, the shine on the Pi sign & the embossed paper for the background, but what tales the award is the work with those amazing patterned papers!!!!!! wOw to those waves & swirls and their shadows!!!!!!! Amazing page all the way!!!!


Last but not least, here is one of the talented scrappers who can make blank space be a star in the galleries, smile today by louso is one of those delights, full of beauty in the photo, perfectly balancing the (here literal) blank space- Love the text in diagonals, those typed paper strips are beautiful there in the side & bottom, and the perfectly shadowed few elememts enhance the whole thing…. The title work (also amazing shadows!!!!!!) is perfect…glad to find this jewel in the galleries!!!!


This will be all from me today! Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do. Remember you can get to their galleries by clicking in the high-lit name & author to lice some appreciated love!!!! Have a great weekend everyone, and, for the UK ladies, Happy Mothers Day tomorrow!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 13th

  1. Thank you Cynthia for choosing my page! I had a lot of fun playing with filters and then painting over black & White and coming up with the page… fun to lose yourself in art! Thanks again for the shout out…It really is a wonderful thing to wake up to!!

  2. wheeeee! Thank you so much for featuring my Pi Page!!! 🙂 I had such a fun time putting it together with the fab template and kit from Heather! Yay! Thank you!!!

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