-=-=================0 <-- written by Thor the cat just for you... Carrie here. I'm finally getting over my first ear infection and hoping the last ear infection of the year. *knock on wood* It's spring and one the great things about aging is I've become allergic to the entire planet again (I lived in a sterile environment as an infant because I allergic then, too). But that's okay. I'm distracting myself with amazing BBQ and birthdays... and all the pretty pages that our amazing community created in the past 24 hours. Peep, Peep, Peeps! by Zlemon

So, I have a thing for Peeps and this page just made me laugh out loud. All the ribbon and funky title, the blending and the photo props  just add to the fun. I’m inspired to make my own page about Peeps!



A Fresh Start by Kacy

The pallette on this page really supports the theme, as does the butterfly and flowers. It’s such a great photo and treatment as well. I also love how she’s framed the page with the strips of paper that don’t match… and you can never have enough yellow on a page. It’s like cowbell.


List maker by Stefanie

Totally love the block design with all the border breaking. The blue, coral and yellow matted on the white against the kraft background is just perfect. I also love the alignment of the “do what you love” word art, too.



Lucky Day by Bbe

I love that she’s done her journaling in letter format and that she’s working through her feelings at the same time. It’s also a creative way to use the St. Patrick’s Day theme. I love the three sided border she’s created and the cluster the bottom… and the leprechaun is using his want on the photo of lottery tickets.



28 by liahra

Such a strong page and perfect design with all the active white space that’s pure white! And what a great a idea. I wish I took more photos of myself when I was her age. The photo crop is perfect and the title is simple and perfect. She finishes the page off with little bits of embellishing and paint that lets her personality change.



In the Kitchen by bao

Such an eye catching split composition here that really captures the action of cooking. She’s used the journaling and strip at the bottom to connect both sides of the page. I love that she kept the palette neutral to allow the saturated color in the photos and the bright orange title to pop off the page.


Now it’s time for  me to go finish the laundry for the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Leave these artists some love on their pages… and have a great week! Until next time!!


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 22

  1. Awww, thanks for including my layout! Glad you like it. I had so much fun working on this one…I just let my inner quirky artsy girl out for a bit. And I’m in such good company—all of these are simply wonderful!

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