Hello all, Carrie here, and it’s technically March 31st somewhere, right? I’ve been up to my ears in budgets this week and by the time I wrapped up last night, I was just beat. Better late than never, so here are my picks from yesterday-ish:

2 dogs by NIscrapper

Three things command your attention on this page: the active white space, the saturated colors, and the design leaking off the page. She’s playful with her clustering and positioning in the loose band, which really drives home the story. To top it off, she’s polished the page with stitches, staples and tape along with some very cool shadowing.


Beautiful Future by miimsgirl

This page balances a formal theme and whimsical energy with structured block (or pocket page) design, black and white and floral  patterns with wonky stitching, fun word art, pops of color and an amazingly energetic, candid looking photo. I appreciate how the card on the top left and the card of the top right mix the masculine and feminine (pink heart on B&W stripes and blue on a delicate floral pattern). Smart!


Puppy love by Terry

How can not love that puppy face?? This page has a strong diagonal flow, focal point and amazing texture. I love the yellows and greens  here because I feel the outdoorsy freshness of puppies! She’s also framed in the composition with the squiggly black lines. Well done!


i adore you by LCPereyra

I love the big title! The swashy stems on the “a” and “d” are perfectly placed the lead the eye to the faces in the photo. She’s also used scale quite well, balancing the big doily with those smaller flowers. And then that strip of green creating a pseudo shelf for the photo and title… Such a wonderful page!

better together by JessicaUpton

I love the strong photos with the really soft colors on this spread. She’s made each pocket a mini canvas that relates to the whole with the white, word art and touches of bling. And the vellum just makes me happy…


Our Umbrella by kim517

I just adore that she’s framed this page with the floral paper. It makes me think of warm, spring rain. The title and umbrella shape are eye-catchers. I love that bold pink and orange with the pastel blue and yellow, but nothing seems overpowering. She has created a powerful visual and sensory experience here in a powerful way.


I really didn’t mean to pick puppy and love pages consciously, but somehow it worked out that way. I hope you enjoyed my picks! Don’t forget to leave some love for these talented ladies. Now, back to math for me…

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