Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my picks of today. I am at work and it is busy over here, so I’m a little later than I normally am. Besides that we have a ‘hijger’ …don’t know the English word for it and the translater couldn’t tell me either…a hijger is usually a man who calls us (me and my sleeping colleagues)  saying only obscene words, making sexual proposals etc…he is keeping me busy, because I have to fill in a lot of complaint forms to the phonecompany so hopefully they can stop or block him if we complain enough. This guy is keeping me from working  and my colleagues from sleeping and it is annoying to listen to his dirty mouth. But…tadaaaaa….I was able to pick six beautiful pages between picking up the phone every time he called! Here they are!

Just beachy by lorryfach Isn’t this a fantastic summerpage? The colors, the pictures, the background paper, everything reminds me of warm beach days, icecream and a suntan. Lorry’s choice of patterned papers to fill the circles and rectangle with work perfect to recall such summer sunny days. I love it!

lorryfach tlp

CORTRAMID seaside sunset by wendymck And another seaside picture at another time of the day. Totally different from Lorry’s page, but just as beautiful! Here I can imagine me with a glas of wine and a good conversation, listening to the sound of the sea, enjoying the last rays of the sun and the past summerday…I love the choice of colors matching the sunsetcolors here and the mask is perfect for pictures like this one.

wendymck des digit

In the name of the father by bghg Although I was not raised to become a religious person, I love religious pictures, paintings and statues. This page grabbed me the minute I saw it. It almost is like a fresco on a churchwall, so delicate and full of devotion. Wonderful blendwork here!

bghg mischief circus

Expectations vs reality by nowens A pretty sober page with some lovely journaling, nowens is looking back to the expectations she had of her future life and what has become of them years later. I love the mix of patterns here and the clean apporach. Great idea to scrap someday if I find time…:).

nowens sweetshoppe

good day by weaselwatchr I fell for the cute little banner and the quote! And for the juicy and fresh colorcombination. Love the cluster of ellies and paperpieces around the picture. All together this page makes me want to go on a holiday, just enjoying the company of my youngest son and being on the road again.

weaselwatchr dst

Bundle of Joy by ScrappinRae And last but not least I fell for this supergirly and supersweet baby girl page. Isn’t she adorable? The large picture is my favorite one and I love all the flowers on this page. By placing the pictures in a diagonal and keeping the rectangles around them pretty empty with just a wordart or some flowers, they get the attention they deserve, very clever!

scrappinrae sbg

That was it, these were my choices for today! I hope you enjoy them and I hope to see you again next time! Have a great week!

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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much. I’m honored to be featured here, and it means even more with this page that took some real soul-searching. 🙂

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