Hi everyone! We celebrated Liberation Day in Holland, with festivals everywhere….but the weather initially was very bad, it was raining and very windy and the fun started a few hours later in many festival cities. Assen, where I live, is one of the cities with a Liberationfestival. Artists get flown in with militairy helicopters, cause they hop from city to city to perform. The festival over here in Assen started 2 hours later, there was too much wind and heavy rain. And I had plenty of time to get together a nice collection of pages to show you!

Henri and Loki by KarenW Oh, I love the handdrawn sketched elements and the slightly messy approach here. Feels like she made this page at her kitchentable, so very realistic, like you could grab the papers and threadpiece just from the paper. The picture is a very sweet one. Wonderful!

KarenW tlp

Favorite by Mrs2a50 A beautiful C&S page! Love the little leaves here sprinkled over the layers of paper and picture. Makes it a bit more playful. And what a clever idea to color a piece of the journaling in the same color as the dogs skin.

mrs2a50 tlp

The site that Mel built by Britgirl First we have a pictureless page made by a photographer ;). Isn’t that funny? At first I was intrigued by all the words on the tapes,  then I read the story and after that I visited the website (url at the bottom of the page). And I only can say WOW! You did a great job puzzling your website together, and all by yourself, without any knowledge of how to do that in advance! I admire you and couldn’t do it I think! And you documented it in a great way!

Britgirl designer digitals

Sea side by lauser1 Wonderful realistic elements and Lauser made a beautiful cluster with them. The picture of the girl is repeated gorgeous in the background and the different angle makes the page more interesting. Beautiful!

lauser1 oscraps

April showers2 by Antoaneta Wow, this is a piece or ART! Love everything on this page, the repeated picture of the dancer, the brushes, the feel like she is dancing in the rain or under a fountain and the drops of water on the foreground finish it off to perfection!

antoaneta dst

The lady by AnnLavin Another wow, a mysterious lady, surrounded by plants and animals. Perfect shadowwork here and I love the face of the woman on that old picture. Gorgeous!

anlavin dst

These are my choices for today! I hope you like them and see you next time!

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