I’m not sure which is scarier – it being Friday the 13th or it being November 13th!  While browsing the galleries I didn’t have to walk under any ladders but a black cat did cross my path – despite that I haven’t had any bad luck today (that I know of)!  Superstitious or not, things have to be done – like picking my six gallery standouts for today – so here we go.

Boring by ChantalS.  This is such a clever page and when I saw it in the gallery, I laughed out loud!  The upside photo is awesome and the composition using only the top half of the page is definitely not boring!  I love the color scheme and the choice of elements which are so perfectly (this time perfect is not boring!) placed.

Boring by ChantalS

my little pumpkin patch by Kathie02.  This page is such a gorgeous blend of photo, text, and brushes!  The soft colors are so beautiful together.   I love that white has been used for the word Pumpkins – perfect.  My absolute favorite thing about this page is the “almost not even there” frame!

my little pumpkin patch by kathie02

workshop portrait by ideesdechris.  This page caught my eye in the gallery immediately.  I love the photo treatment.  The addition of brushes and the denim gives the page awesome depth!  The colors work extremely well with the colors in the photo and the patch of white space in the middle gives your eyes a place to rest.  Stunning page.

workshop portrait by ideesdechris

Cozy & Warm by pne123.  I have to admit that I’m not quite ready for December but I absolutely LOVE this page.  I couldn’t help but be drawn in by those big blue eyes and that hot chocolate smile!  Awesome work on the clusters!  And how warm and cozy is the border on the left side of the page!  Gorgeous page!

Cozy & Warm by pne123

inner voice by emmasmommy.  There are so many “pieces” to this awesome page but they all blend together to form a perfect page that seems edgy yet peaceful.  Love the colors she’s included because I think they are a big part of the cohesiveness of the page.  Amazing brush work too.  And, lest I forget, I love the message!

Inner Voice by emmasmommy

Heaven Right Here by musicmom3.  Beautiful job of blending photos of the things that embody her “heaven right here”.  I love the way your eye is drawn across the page discovering new delights along the way.   Love the brush work and the addition of the sticker and birds.

Heaven Right Here by musicmom3

So there are my “lucky” six standouts for Friday the 13th.  Hope you can find the time to pop into the galleries and check them out.  The images and titles are linked so it’s quick and easy.  Thanks for taking a look at my choices.

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