Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my picks of todays stroll through the galleries! I’ll try to keep it short, because I’m at work and have to do all the ‘paperwork’ (on the computer) I usually do all that before I type my post, but now it is quiet and I thought, well let’s do the GSO post first, so that will be finished in case things go crazy over here (and it sometimes does go crazy!!). As Liz before me, I stumbled upon a lot of Halloween pages and I love them! So I couldn’t resist picking some too in very different styles! Boo!! 😉

XO by corrin I like this one very much because it is such a bright and colorful clean page and the boys kiss covered smiling face is soooo sweet! I love the template used here, with the very large letters wich are kept together with stitches. Corrin filled them with beautiful colored and cream papers and used one to journal in, very clever!

corrin dp

A spooktacular day by kewl_jive aka Beth Wow, this looks so real, Beth is a true master of shadowing! I love the composition here, the diagonal zipper seems to let go all the spooky Halloween stuff (love the drawn ellies) into the world and look at those happy faces of the kids in Disney Tokio!

kewl-jive tlp

Fly by night by bbe Ohhh…I love how bbe made a portrait of this witch with all a witch needs around her, a broom, a frog and a bat. It’s not even scary, I see a strong and proud woman, satisfied with what she does and what she is able to achieve! I love it!

bbe des digit

Isle of Mull by applechick aka Fiona This is a very beautiful page! An artwork worth hanging on a wall! I particulairy love the canvasses with the leaves in them, they express fall in a beautiful sensitive way and lead the eye  to the picture of the island.

applechick fiona oscraps

Boo by Soco And this is my last Halloween pick for today, a sweet and ‘not scary at all’ BOO page and I love it for the non traditional Halloween colors. I love the messy background, and I totally love the sence of movement the ellies give me, like the witches are dancing and flying around at great speed at their big one-time in a year WITCH party!! BOHOOOO!!!

soco sweetshoppe

Always by azeline I love reds and all the other warm colors and that’s why this one immediate drew my attention,  I was curious because azeline used it in the combination with babyblue (not one of my favorites), but I love it here! It gives a touch of tenderness to the page and softens the red I think. I also love the large paperbrush, almost used as a whole background. And did I mention before I love messy? Well a touch of red, a touch of messyness, a beautiful picture and voila, a wonderful and sweet page is born!

azeline mscraps

These were my picks folks! I have to go back to work now and you maybe dive into your beds at the other side of the world. Have a good nights rest and a lovely day tomorrow! See you next time.

14 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 11th

  1. Thank you for sharing my “Fly By Night” page here, Jeanine. I’m thrilled to wake up to this this morning. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing my Mull page Jeanine, it’s always such a lovely surprise to have one of my pages featured here!

  3. I am arriving late, having only just seen that you picked on of my pages here! Thank you, such a lovely surprise! 😉

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