Hello and happy Saturday! Today in the galleries I saw lots of wonderful pages using angles, photos, interesting subjects, circles and, of course, a bit of autumn. I am going to start today’s picks with some terrific hybrid projects, in the spirit of the season.

This is Liz, and these are my picks.

deco pumpkins by Erin Reed

For some awesome autumn inspiration you have to check out these pumpkins! I truly love a great decorative hybrid project. She really made these look special, and in very simple ways that we could all do – yes, even me! The combination of the rope, flowers and die cut leaves worked so simply as adornments! And Erin also created a cute little seasonal teacher gift with recycled bottles, take a look.


little best friends by sanvhm

This artist had pages today in more than one gallery that I thought were terrific, but this one caught my eye and kept it. The perspective on the photo is darling. The background paper with the interesting geometric lines made a terrific backdrop that gave this a lot of interest without interfering with the photo. Loved the vertical strip of color she created with the paper and flowers. This is a terrific end-of-summer piece.


The little thing by jumlai

The split vellum look on this page over the photo really got my attention. There are a number of fun touches to this page. I enjoyed the direction and tone of the title word art, and the big hearts with the text inlaid were a great accent. The photo is terrific, and deserved to be the focal point, so I was glad she kept the attention right where it belonged. Well done.


Home Depot kids clinic by Mamabee

This page appealed to me not only because of the great photos, but because of the subject. How cool is it that Home Depot sponsors a kids’ craft event?! They just got my business, for sure. I love the real looking embellishments that she used and the shadow work is terrific. The grid framing housed the photos in a way that really stands out against the art-centric embellishments. This is just a great page.


eat by cristina

I have been an admirer of Cristina’s pages for a long time. She has a very free-flowing style that I wish I could emulate, but since I can’t I just enjoy it when other people can do it so effortlessly. I love the patterned paper clipped to the word art, and the repeat of the pattern around the edges and supporting the photo. She picked a fun subject to scrap about here! I love the imperfect stitching grounding the photo.


Snapshots by kikimama

I love the way Chrissy used the circles with the big, bold cut outs to give her wonderful scenic photos a home. Great brush work on this page. That vertical stitched look spot for the journaling was perfect. The repeat circles edged with the banner and leaves was a great touch.


That’s it for me today, although I would have loved to pick so many more! You all are doing amazing work, it is such a pleasure to stroll through the galleries looking at all of your creations. If you loved today’s picks as much as I did, please take a moment to click on the linked title and leave the artist some love! Have a great weekend!

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