The galleries were full of goodness today, so my choice was hard! Today’s picks are about great use of fonts, word art, white space, multi-photos, single photos, beautiful and amusing subjects. In other words, it had it all!

This is Liz, and these are my picks:

She wants to change the world, but first… by Squeak

So many of us had children (our own or other people’s!) starting college this fall. There are a lot of pages in the galleries documenting those first few panicked moments of both kids and parents. This page has an unusual spin on the experience, and really deserves a shout out for its original design. The use of type on this page is so terrific! I love the way Shirley has mixed up the fonts and styles. Wonderful extraction. Great page, truly.


Love by mrivas

Maribel is one of my favorite scrap artists, and I always love her style. This page is full of fun elements, a great stitched alpha, nice patterns, and it’s all combined in a cool grid with cut-outs. Wonderful photos of her with her guy, and a lovely capture that just shouts love. Plus, you’ve got to love a scrapper who gets inspired in the shower!


Swans go to heaven by RucoloDesigns

Such a lovely idea, swans in heaven! I hope so. Great framing on this page, and a nice way to use the word art to support the theme. This page just jumped out of the gallery at me.


100 things (left side) by cmkb396

I am such a fan of well-done multi-photo spreads! You know this took a lot of time and thought to put together, so it really deserves some recognition. I love the title work and the little word art strips in the text. That’s a lot of photos! Great way to recall the adventure.


Grateful for your love by Cinna

A good love story never fails to appeal. Love the combined pretty floral paper and dictionary newsprint look, it just worked. This page has both a terrific title and subtitle, using a fun Scrabble-type tile, I love that! The silly photo rounds this page out nicely.


national black dog day by kathie02

I love a good dog page. This one utilizes the white space around the photo and within the photo very effectively. With some simple word art and a squiggle, we get the total feel of this page, and it’s just super.


I hope you love today’s picks as much as I did! If you do, please leave a little love for each artist. Just click on the linked title to go to the gallery where the page was found. Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 4th

  1. I was hanging out in the galleries today and, you are right, there were so many amazing pages! Awesome choices you made! Congratulations everyone!

  2. SQEEEEAL!!!! Thanks for picking my layout! I haven´t had that much time at the computer lately so this was such a happy surprise!!! Thanks for picking my layout! <3

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