Hey guys!!!! hope everyone is well….I will try to get going as I have been here for about 3 hours trying to decide on pages….and tomorrow I have a full on day (one that brings me closer to my 60s- as I will be 57 around 2pm English time!!!!

On a brief note: the past few months we had some great additions to our team here at the GSO, and I was surprised I didn’t know any of them…well, as it happens and by pure gallery surfing without any help whatsoever, I am now finding these awesome ladies in the galleries….and this is my first page to share with you today. Last week I found a page by Jana, and today I found a striking, incredibly beautiful peace of art from our colleague Patsy!!! A gorgeous, super artistic, oozing talent page I honestly wouldn’t mind hanging on my walls!!! so here is City Trip by our own Patsy aka ptabbert! Love all the super impact of the read, the image editing and the blending here is marvelous!!!!!!


Next is another favorite of ALL of us I think…I don’t think there is one of us here at the GSO who isn’t a fan of hers, and, as usual, she has two pages posted (that I saw at least) which has been very VERY difficult for me to decide on one!!!!!!This one has a bit of magic , a superb blend, incredible composition, I’m a fan of sci fi and this has the feel of stepping onto magic… here is Your Universe by bezteri- a total delight!


Another page that called my attention is so beautiful!!!!!! The mixture of paint and elements, the amount of little things to discover!  The layering is perfect : Heard Vs Heart by Saar:


Next is Moments Like This from Ana.Paula– what an amazing take  on the template, amazingly gorgeous shadows, a photo that make my heart melt, as I have seen this amazing boy growing up for almost 6 years now!!! The [age brings up all the ways of the boy (which I know after so many years of reading her awesome journaling in some of her pages…I am always delighted to find a page of hers and this one is amazingly beautiful!!!!!


She calls the page “My Heart Sings” well, yes, Shivani, actually…mine does all the way too!!!! I could be hours here on this page, the fabulous photography capturing the sweetness and emotion with the added wonderful journaling that comes to make my own heart join in song. How amazing are those papers combined? For me, this is a huge issue, U love all those amazing papers when I see them in the kit, but my ability to present them as these ones here fails. There is everything in the page, every little bit of what , to me, makes a stunning scrapbook . LOVE it!!!!


And last but never ever least is this gorgeous page, Manicures by Diane aka dvhoward- As usual, she brings us a  gorgeous, full of fun page of great memory keeping! Love the photo, the relaxed composition and all those cute frames, all spread casually, the tittle and all that journaling! Love that main frame and the shadows all in the page make it be more than a stand out!!!!


This is all from me today! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. If you can spare a minute or two, remember the high-lit title of the Lo and artist can take you to the original gallery so you can leave some love to these amazing people!!!! Have a great weekend & TFL!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- September 04

  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for your wonderfully kind words and for choosing my page. It is such an honor to be included not only in the GSO picks today but as a member of the GSO team. Happy 57th birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. And congratulations to the other artists – you found some gorgeous pages today!

  2. Cynthia, I love reading your descriptions of each layout — magical and oh, so sweet! Thank you so much for highlighting my layout. It was such a fun outing for me and my daughters and the GSO is the cherry on top!!

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