Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this beautiful summery night with my choices for Standouts! I hope you like themmmm!

First up is this lovely layout titled Amsterdam by Tamsin. Love the artsy here. The masking is flawless and I really LOVE the muted color palette, really makes the red jump off that neutral background! The brush work is pretty stellar, too!


Next I have this super clean, linear beauty by Celestescraps titled agenda. The design here is absolutely fabulous all clustered up in the middle, works exceptionally well with the layering, which is fantastic by the way. The tonal palette is gorgeous, and I LOVE the image, such wonderful perspective!


My jaw about hit the floor when I came across JenEm’s gorgeous work of art titled The Good Life in the gallery. Even now, as I try and describe exactly why I feel it’s deserving to Point a Finger at, I find myself just sitting and staring at that STUNNING image! It literally just jumps out at ‘cha! LOVE how the layout artist has split it and then masked it beneath, very striking, and so brilliantly done! Truly deserving of a Standout!

The Good Life

Next I have a couple of Project Life layouts that I absolutely adore! First is this beauty titled Week 35a by Gracielou2. Love how this is all laid out, a perfect mix of images and text, with just the right amount of embellishments. The colors across the entire page work exceptionally well together, too.

Week 35a

My second Project Life pick this evening is this amazing spread by NancyBeck titled Week 36 Left and Right. Again, love how everything is laid out, and how everything seems to just fit together. The mix of images, and text, with only just a minimal amount of embellishments is nothing short of perfection. And I LOVE that calendar card! Gonna have to track that baby down!

Week 36 2015 Left

Week 36 2015 Right

Rounding out my choices this evening is this work of marvelous-ness titled marvelous by Zwyck. The composition is sheer perfection in it’s simplicity. LOVE the image and the look of the text overlaying it, really adds a lot of visual interest. LOVE the brush work, too!


And that’s a wrap for me. Congratulations to all the Standouts! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! XXOO

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 10

  1. I feel so honored to have my layout included with all of these beautiful pages. Katherine thank you for your kindness. xo

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