Hi everyone!!!! Hope you are all well! I had an early start today as I couldn’t come write last night, I’m covering for our dear Paula Kesselring who has just had surgery, we miss you and wish you a speedy recovery!!! So, straight to what we are here to do best we can: share with you some of the amazing talent in the galleries!!!!

Bookworm by Anrobe: Love her and I do not come across her pages often enough! this is so beautiful!!! Love very string patterns papers, but I’m not the very best at using them with a good balance, which here is perfect! Love the composition, all the layering and how the colors make this a happy page!! The quote is amazing and so true!!!


Willow by apottinger: another awesome lady, gets my heart each & every time with her pages…the diversity of styles she produces is fabulous and here there is a delicate, beautiful touch to the sweet photo with all the clustered flowers, gorgeous blending in the background, bottom cluster is also perfect and all crowned by those awesome shadows!!!! LOve!!!!


You all know how much I admire and respect the hybrid creatives we have in the industry, and even more so lately that I have dipped my finger tips into it….so here is something that called my attention, a wonderful card, Musings Birthday Card- Hybrid by scrappycath. Love the mix of colorful papers, the blocks that she enhanced with the string, and how amazing the look of those letters!!!!! they really look like the real wood thing!!!! gorgeous work!!!


Continuing on the hybrid, awesome talents without the Crtl+Z power, is this amazing page from StampingRooster, Beep Beep Vroom. This VW vans are one of my most loved memories of my teens & 20s, when I was road traveling Brazil’s north east and these were the transport that would get you to the villages up the hill from the river margins. Love the photo and that camera element is amazing!!! For me who fill the page with tons of elements, this is so well done, to be able to say so much with not so many elements, I know is not easy to achieve.Great composition, I have to confess I couldn’t quiet read the journaling but love how is located and the font, the tittle is also wonderful and everything so well tied up with the banner, love this!!!


One of the things that saddens me most about not being in great health, is the fact that makes it almost impossible to have furry babies…so when I see some of the awesome pages done for them…really make my heart sing!!!! That is the case here: Rat Killer by Ronnietexas is sooo gorgeous!!!!! Love the tittle, the alpha used is perfect for the whole thing, the photo a perfect show of the tittle, love the journaling done in strips, the elegant composition so effective, great mixture of textures…awesome page all together!!!!

aprilisa_SD; britt designs_bonappetit; cvisions_capt2012feb kcroninbarrow-ilovecocoa; Mye De Leon - Gratitude mommyish_natural, Pink Reptile Designs - Dog Eared sahlinstudio_explearngrow; Traci Stroud - lovemetender

And to leave you for the day, I found this absolutely amazing page by emmasmommy: stop worrying. Something I tell myself often…preach to others even…and very, very rarely get to put into practice. Love how well the feeling is put into paper, the silhouette is so well composed with different bits, this is the kind of page that will have me craving for this kit, perfect little bits and pieces, very much my kind of page, the kind you can be looking at it for ages and still finding new little bits that add to the general feeling, plus the handmade look that is so beautiful, this is amazing in every bit of the page!!!!!


I really hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me. If you could spare a minute or two, you can get to their original gallery by clicking on the high-lit name of the page & author, leave these awesome artists some love!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for choosing my layout! What an honor to have my page picked with the awesome other layouts! You made my day! xo

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