Hellooo! Paula here! It has been a busy time for me!
I had my father in the hospital, and I had a surgery last Sunday. It is a major surgery, recovery does take time. So I’m at home recovering…I will need to be patient and follow my doctor’s advice, but I must confess that’s it’s extremely boring and I need to avoid the temptation to push myself too soon. While I might feel better on the outside, I know my insides need longer to recover, and any sudden movement or pressure could cause internal bleeding or tears…
But couldn’t be away from here for too long…so I’m more than happy to have this post to make! So I’m gonna make this relatively quick…Let’s go! Here are some of my most loved pages in the galleries from today:

You are my rock star by valeriapiemonte

I’m Val’s fan! She is not only an amazing scrapper, she’s also an amazing designer! What a GORGEOUS explosion of colors and brushes in this page. I love everything what’s going on here: all the vibrant colors here, the cool alpha, the stars…everything!


In my kitchen by Anny-Libelle

What a stunning page! I just could not resist this BRILLIANT yummy page! I love the riot of colour here. Perfect shadow work and clustering.


My adorable Kitten by Dady

This layout is so well done! I love all the angles used in the design of this page. Also love the stripey background, the photo effect and the yellow touches.


‘Cloud9’ by Daphne0890

I just love the softness of the page. Love how much there is in this page to discover,  especially love the clustering work, the flowers and the pastel colors here…ohh and the shabby look of the page.


I love you by P’tiscrap

OMG how adorable are those pictures?!!And the tittle is so perfect (Je t’M – Je t’aime = I Love U -I love you)! I just love this simple monochromatic color scheme page with a cool graphic feel.


Zoinks! by Cherrylej

Ha, ha,ha… isn’t this fun? I just could not resist this comic feel layout!  I love the cool design and all details here. The neutral colour of the background really makes the element clusters pop!!


Best friends by Jetje 

Such a tender, beautiful, delicate, magical and lovely page! This sweet photo immediately caught my eye, it’s the star of this page. Everything comes together so well here.


9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 25th

  1. awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE when Valeria scraps!!!!! so amazing yop
    u found her page!!!!! AMAZING picks Paula, hope you are recovering well, missed you!!!!

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