Hi, Patsy here on this gorgeous Saturday.  Hope you are all having a fun and enjoyable day.  We’re busy unpacking, cleaning, and putting things away after our trip back to Florida for the winter.  I’ve spent several hours browsing the galleries (and listening to the birds chirping) to find my picks for today.  The titles and images are linked so please go leave the artists some love.  Also, take the time to check out the other amazing pages in the galleries – there are always so many gorgeous ones that don’t make it into the blog post!

First up today is a beautiful, clean page called Hanging At The Beach by earlofoxford.  There are so many pieces that contribute to this page being such a beauty.  First is all of the texture in the papers!  Love that look with the smooth, clear photos!  The blocked pattern is used perfectly with the photos taking center stage while the four center rectangles with their soft, beachy color create the perfect backdrop for that awesome title.  And the scatterings bring everything together with their color and depth as well as the placement that draws your eyes into the rest of the page.


AnnaColor Challenge 09.25.2015-10.08.2015 by TrishD.  It’s no surprise that this page caught my eye in the gallery.  What a feast for the eyes!  Love how she created the dual images and the added outer glow on the dancer on the left is the perfect touch!  I love the white brushes – they add just the right pop and the colors in the bokeh are beautiful.  Stunning page!


Sardegna – album by evadraga.  This is a gorgeous page and, believe it or not, it was created using a template by Anna Aspnes.  Love the blended photo background with the two smaller framed photos.  And the textures and brush work create an awesome page.  Just goes to show that if you start with the right template and add your own colors, photos, and additional touches you can end up with a masterpiece!  So if you think you can’t create an artsy page from scratch, try starting with a template.  I bet you’ll love the results!  I bet this album is going to be gorgeous!


Create Art With Abandon by klee73010.  Love this art journaling piece with it’s message to unlock your mind and create art with abandon.  The layering of the brushes creates the look of a paper art journal page which always amazes me!  Love the colors she’s used and the addition of the black grounds the piece.  Awesome page!


My Love by catgoddess.  I LOVE everything about this stunning, romantic page!  The song lyrics are the perfect journaling for her page title, My Love.  And I can’t even begin to say how much I love the cluster she has created across the middle of the page. This page is the perfect blend of elements, journaling and brushes with the finishing touch of perfect shadows.   It’s hard to explain the feeling I get when I look at it (as I have done many times today!) but it’s definitely a good feeling!


Rainy Day by Cocodou.  This page is an excellent example of the use of white space!  I love that, along with the white space, there is a minimal amount of color.  With the brush work, you can almost feel the rain being swept by the wind and hitting your body!  Love how she altered the photo to get the perfect color in the umbrella!  Superb piece of art!

Rainy Day

The galleries today were just brimming with gorgeousness!  Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to go check out some of them.  I guarantee you will be inspired!

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