Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a busy weekend, painting with a friend and welcoming my youngest at home after he spend three weeks at his fathers. But tonight I’ve been doing a little strolling and as always I found a lot of beautiful pages and as always I can only show you 6 of them. So here we go!

Keep up with Taz by bcgal00 I love the combination of this fairytale background and the realistic picture. Woman and animal playing and working together and on the first place having fun doing what they’re doing! Great clustering here and the shadowwork is gorgeous, it really lifts up the picture and puts it in the foreground. Love the anisseeds transformed to little flowers.

bcgal00 mscraps

New things by ptabbert I’m a roosterfan! And I’m fan of this yummie grungy ‘ready for new things’ page! The way Patsy positioned the roosters – great extraction by the way – brings interest in the page and I love what she did with the text and borderbrushes!

ptabbert pixelpress

At the movies by mimisgirl What a wonderful wild page and I love it! Love all the paint and border stuff, love all the ellies spread all over, but most of all love the fun they had at the movies!

mimisgirl tlp

Tomatos from my Garden by Ren I want to make tomato soup seeing this page! Gorgeous picture treatment and wonderful placement of the clustered herbs and ladles. I love it, could be a page in a cooking magazine!

ren dst

Anna lift  9.26.15 – 10.2.15  by faby33 What a lovely ‘clean’ artwork Faby made of the her bathing kid, shampooing his hair! I love the splatter and waterbrushes she used here to support the meaning of the page.

faby33 oscraps

Annalift 9-26 Big Personality by musicmom3 Another Anna lift and totally different from the one above. But not less amazing! The touches of bright reds, yellows and a little blue emphasize the personality of the girl and the love of musicmom3 for her daughter. I love the bubbly feel I get from this page and want to sing and dance along with the girl!

musicmom3 oscraps

That was it! I hope you like my choices and don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing September 27th

  1. Thank you so much for picking my page Jeanine! It is always such an honor to be included! Congratulations to the other artists too. Such gorgeous pages! (Shhhh…don’t tell anyone…but the rooster actually is an element in JopkeD’s “The One With The Rooster” kit!) LOL!

  2. Thanks so much Jeanine! What a great surprise and happy day-maker! I am in wonderful company–enjoyed looking at all the pages so much. (I’m a big fan of that rooster!)

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